Exclusive Interview: Tracey Edmonds Talks ‘With This Ring!’ On Lifetime

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Tracey Edmonds

Lifetime hit a slam dunk with the Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown biopic, entitled ‘Whitney.’ Now they have the task of presenting the highly anticipated movie,’ With This Ring!’ The film is based off of the fabulous novel called ‘The Vow,’ by CocoaFab creator Angela Burt Murray and her two co-authors. The story follows three women who make a vow to each other to get married within a year. The roles are being played by none other than Regina Hall, Jill Scott and Eve. And the film is being produced by Tracey Edmonds and Gabrielle Union. I sat down with Tracey to talk about the film and the surprise appearance by her real life boyfriend, Deion Sanders!

With This Ring

“The book, ‘The Vow,’ was brought to me by Gabrielle Union.  And so, Gab brought me the book and said, ‘Hey read this book, it’s great, I think it would make a great movie.’ It was. It’s so great.  It’s about 4 fabulous women who for whatever reason are still single.  And I think we can all relate!  Because whether we’re still single or we’ve got friends that just haven’t meant the right guy, I think we can all relate to that.”

“We’ve got some really amazing men, that’s eye candy.  Stephen Bishop’s in the movie (Being Mary Jane), Nathan George (Grey’s Anatomy), Deion Sanders has a little cameo and then Harold House Moore (Single Ladies), so some really great men too.”

Tracey Edmonds With This Ring

‘With This Ring,’ premieres on Saturday, January, 24th on Lifetime!

Watch The Interview Below:

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