Exclusive Interview: Tracey Edmonds Talks Deion Sanders, Not Being Afraid To Go For What She Wants & Alright TV

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cherise nicole and tracey edmonds

Tracey Edmonds is the beautiful mogul behind the hit movie and series Soul Food and Jumping The Broom. She has also managed the careers of Rosario Dawson and Meiki Pheifer. While she is most known as the former wife of entertainment mogul Babyface, the mother of their two teenage boys has stepped out on her own to create an empire.  She has recently been linked to her new love, (one of my favorite players) NFL superstar Deion Sanders, but there’s more to this lady than who is on her arm.

Cherise Nicole and our associates at CocoaFab recently sat down with Tracey to talk about her latest venture, Alright TV. The premium Youtube Channel is her partnership with Founder of BET, Bob Johnson. Alright TV is an inspirational and Faith friendly channel that features family friendly comedy, inspirational shows and live sermons from your favorite Pastors on Sundays! Celebs like comedian Deeray Davis (Jumping The Broom, Wild N Out), Michael K. Williams (The Wire, Boardwalk Empire), internet sensation Issa Rae and Tracey’s NFL Hall of Famer Boyfriend, Deion ‘Prime Time’ Sanders, are all featured on the channel. We spoke to Tracey about Deion’s show, Sports Dads, Issa Rae’s show, The Choir, how she learned to live without fear and what we can expect on Alright TV!

cherise nicole and tracey e edmonds

 How Do You Overcome Struggles:

“I’ve had so many chapters to my life.  And different chapters to my career, different chapters to my personal life, a lot of things have just been open, for the whole world to read about.  But, every time we fall down, we get right back up! That’s one of the things that I’ve learned so, the older that I get, the less significant any kind of failure becomes or any kind of miss becomes because you learn from every mistake, you learn from every failure and you just have to look at it that way.  And you can’t be afraid to fail and so I think a lot of people hold themselves back because there’s a lot of fear and they think oh my gosh, what if this doesn’t work?  Everyone’s going to be looking at me and they’re going to know.  So, the older I get I just go for it.  If you sit there and just analyze everything that you do and become fearful you’re never going to get where you need to go in life.”

In Addition To Talking About Deion’s Show, ‘Sports Dad,’ We Had To Remind Her About His Hit Song, ‘Must Be The Money,’ (scroll down to see the video):

“He reminds me all the time that it was a big hit, in case I didn’t know that it was a hit. [Will You Appear in Part 2 of the video]  I’m there!”

Click Here To Check Out Her Fab New Channel Alright TV!

Watch the interview Below:


Watch Deion Sanders Hit Music Video ‘Must Be The Money’ Hilarious!


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