Exclusive Interview: Torrei Hart Explains Who She Really Is & Talks Relationship w/Tameka Raymond!

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Torrei Hart


Torrei Hart is quickly becoming a fan favorite on VH1’s Atlanta Exes. The ex-wife of Kevin Hart is setting herself apart from her former husband and making a name for herself.  I had the pleasure of sitting down with Torrei at Della Terra Restaurant in Beverly Hills and we discussed her latest business venture and how she would define herself! In addition to learning more about Miss Hart, I asked her about her relationship with her castmates, including the infamous Tamkea Raymond.  Tameka is emerging as the villain of the show (as most expected) and it seems as though the tension is high between Torrei and the feisty ex-wife of Usher Raymond.  I asked Torrei if they are still at odds or if they’ve mended fences, since the taping of the show.

Tameka Raymond (left) Torrei Hart (Pink Top) & The cast members of Atlanta Exes
Tameka Raymond (left) Torrei Hart (Pink Top), Christina, Monyetta and Sheree. The cast members of Atlanta Exes

What’s your relationship like with Tameka Raymond currently?

“Here’s the funny thing. I really adore Tameka #1. I respected her way before I even knew her. You know, she gets a bad rap, but she’s been through a lot. You know. so of course we did go through a few things. But, overall we still are in a good place.”

Can we expect any ratchet behavior from you guys this season?

“I didn’t jump across the table with a bottle like..’Girl Come Here!’ You know! When I fight, I fight with my words. My mouth is pretty good enough to do that. Now, people probably want to jump on me, once I’m done with them, but I think at my age, I know how to fight with words. You know? Good old verbiage.”

Torrei Hart and Cherise Nicole

How would you describe yourself?

“I’ve always been an entertainer…(goes into detail). Very determined. Love being a mother. You know I also have my sketch work, Pretty Funny Fish, with Simone Sheppard. You know and we do sketches all the time. I love to do that. Dramatic actress, comedic actress and just a business woman. I love empowering women. I love speaking to young girls. I love encouraging them, if they’ve been through things. You know, that’s what I love to do, especially with being a mom too. I have a son and I have a daughter and I’m always encouraging my daughter.”


Atlanta Exes Airs every Monday Night at 9pm on VH1!

Watch the interview below:

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