Exclusive Interview: Tiny & Shekinah Talk Drama On Weave Trip & Why Shekinah Doesn’t Do Tiny’s Hair Anymore!

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Tiny, Shekinah, Cherise Nicole


Tiny and Shekinah’s ‘Weave Trip,’ is an instant hit on VH1.  The hilarious show, which airs on Monday nights, features the two best friends traveling the country, fixing wigs, weaves and people and getting into trouble. After sitting down with the ladies, you can’t deny that their friendship is genuine and their support for one another is touching.  But, when they open their mouths and start debating, it is so entertaining! I spoke to the ladies about the drama that ensued on the show and Shekinah revealed that at some point, Tiny flipped out on her and she wanted to send her home to her husband, T.I. !

Shekinah, Cherise Nicole, Tiny

We also spoke about the fact that Shekinah’s succeess has made it difficult for her to be available to do Tiny’s hair as often.  Therefore, she has been replaced by (as they put it) and L.A. man and a Chinese girl that does hair color!  Tiny insist that Shekinah has become a superstar and Shekinah insist that she is just a smart and busy business woman that is promoting her products, ‘Shekinah Jo’s Beautiful Edges,’ and ‘I work hard b*tch’ t-shirts and apparel.  But, before we left, she also inspired us with a little scripture!

Shekinah, Cherise Nicole, Tiny

Shekinah shared with us the reason she is always quoting scripture from the Bible:

“I have to. To stay alive. I mean to stay in this world and be sane. Oh, cause I have a temper. You do, she do too, he do, they do, you know? And that is true. You have to do something. We all make mistakes, but, you know, God say he forgive us for everything except killing yourself. That what he said, his word girl. If you don’t kill yourself you can always repent baby!”

Tiny, shekinah, Cherise Nicole

Do you feel like the Weave Trip brought you closer together, or did you all drive each other crazy?

“Yes, she had one night girl, off the camera, she flipped on me so bad!  I was like, look, she need to go see T.I.! It’s time for her to get some wood!  It was that time.  You know when you’re like with your friend too long and she’s a married woman. And it’s stuff that she’s used to having that I can’t give her!  So, it’s like, we going thru the house and she got in her feelings about a situation and I’m like, It’s time for you to go see Clifford!  It’s time for you to take your *ss home and get worked out because I don’t know what to do?!”

These girls are too funny!  Check out Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip every Monday night on VH1!

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