Exclusive Interview: Tim From Welcome To Sweetie Pies, Talks New Season, L.A. Location & His Love Life!

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Tim Norman and Cherise Nicole


Welcome To Sweetie Pies is back for another juicy season on OWN!  I had the ultimate pleasure of sitting down with my new boo, Tim Norman, co-owner and operator and the most charming man this side of the valley!  Tim and Lil Charles have officially moved to Los Angeles and opened a Sweetie Pies in North Hollywood! Miss Robbie has released a fabulous cookbook and the family is about to open another new location in Englewood, CA.  Let’s just say our favorite family is on a roll! A butter roll, that is!

Tim Norman, Miss Robbie and Charles

Here are a few highlights from part 1 of our 3 part interview!


What is the most difficult thing about opening a restaurant in Los Angeles?

“Mostly just being like a fish out of water.  Back in St. Louis I can just pop open a restaurant very easy.  I know all the ends and outs of the city. But, here it’s a different process.  Hiring people, it’s just different for me.  But, I got the hang of it.  I’m about to open another restaurant in another two months, down in Englewood.  We opened the first restaurant in the valley, I understand L.A. now, I’m going down to Englewood.”

What is your vision for Sweetie Pies in the future?

“I would like for us to be the first African American owned and operated franchise  because as far as I know, we don’t have that in America right now.  Not even chicken! We don’t have an African American owned and operated franchise  if you think about it.  So, that would be my goal with Sweetie Pies.”

Fans witnessed the romantic proposal Tim orchestrated for the mother of his little boy Tim junior, Janae, during season 1 of Welcome to Sweetie Pies.  We also witnessed, their dramatic break-up and many of us blamed Tim for breaking the heart of a good woman.  However, Tim gave us a little perspective as to why leaving the relationship before they walked down the aisle was the best decision for the both of them.

Did you look back on the past seasons and regret your break-up with Janae?

“Everybody you come across in life is a learning experience and I think we learned a lot from each other.  And sometimes, it’s time to move on.  Some people outgrow each other.  Janae, her parents  are great, she comes from a great family.  Her parents have been married 40 years and her grandparents for 60 years.  So. she was really ready to settle down.  I’m not in that position.  I don’t feel like I’m the person right now, to come home everyday for 6 o’clock for dinner and do the whole white picket fence thing.  Cause I’m trying to grow this business so, I’m really set on that right now.”

Now, that we understand why Tim and Janae did not work out, we can find out if Tim has found new love.  So, what’s the tea Tim??

“I’m single in L.A..  Actually I’m single in the United States because I’m on the plane a lot, so I’m single in the USA.”

Uh, oh ladies.  In part 2 of my interview with Tim, he revealed that if a woman can make some fried rice, better than you can get it at the Chinese restaurant, he might be willing to put a ring on it!  Get your wok’s ready..this ones a keeper!

Welcome to Sweetie Pies returns Saturday, November 21st at 9pm on OWN!  We can’t wait!  Be sure to pick up Miss Robbie’s cookbook!  I can assure you it is one of the best cookbooks on the market and it makes for a great gift idea this holiday season!

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