Exclusive Interview: The Sexy Men of ‘Hit The Floor’ Dish On What They Want In A Woman & Life As An Actor!

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McKinley Freeman

The sexy men of VH1’s ‘Hit The Floor,’ have fans drooling every week! We caught up with two of the “Los Angeles Devils,” to find out what they want in a woman, their “when I make it dreams,’ and what life is like as an up and coming actor. McKinley Freeman (who plays Derrick) is very single, and while he insist he is too busy to date right now, if Halle Berry comes knocking, he will be sure to make some room in his schedule!

Robert Christopher Riley

His cast mate, Robert Christopher Riley’s relationship status is “complicated,” but he is very particular about what he is looking for in a relationship.

“The best qualities that I look for in a woman are first and foremost intelligence.  And I think intelligence goes a long way.  Logic, which some people will argue is fleeting, especially in terms of love, a lot of people will say love is the only acceptable form of insanity.  I mean of course you want to be attracted to the person.  There isn’t a standard of beauty that society puts on a person.  If you’re attracted to them then there’s that.  You need that.  And that’s just part of life. If anybody tells you that it’s not, they’re full of sh*t and I’ll tell them that to their face. And a sense of humor. And as of right now, it’s understanding what it means to have somebody’s back and be supportive of that persons career and goals and aspirations.  And anything that falls into those nouns, or words that is what people want to do with their life.”

McKinley Freeman


McKinley Freeman may be a star on the small screen, but he is still humble and doesn’t believe he has “made it,” yet.  He spoke to us about remaining hungry and continuing to hustle in the fickle entertainment business.

“My growth as an actor, is just, people have to understand that you’re gonna get told no.  That’s just part of the game.  Like, that’s just the way to works, I don’t care who you are.  But, it’s how you respond to those things that defines you as a person.  And in turn makes you more passionate and committed as an artist.  And that’s the part where I don’t really get phased by that type of stuff. “

Robert Christopher Riley   Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 6.26.42 PM

Robert Christopher Riley also doesn’t believe he has “made it,” yet, but when he does he plans on treating both his mother and himself to a new home and believe it or not, his dream is to buy himself a new pair of socks for every day of the year!

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