Exclusive Interview: The Perfect Guy Morris Chestnut Seduces Us & Defends Meek Mill & Dark Skin Brothers!

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Morris Chestnut and Cherise NIcole


Yes! Morris Chestnut is many women and men’s idea of The Perfect Guy!  He is the star of the #1 Box office hit along with the equally gorgeous Michael Ealy and Sanaa Lathan.  This weekend the film opened to an impressive $26 million dollar box office, and I’d like to think I helped with those sales with the release of this hilarious interview!

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We all know, the only way to get people to the box office is to seduce them…right?  Well, Chestnut agreed to do his best Barry White impression, while I made the sexy music and he told fans, why they should definitely go see ‘The Perfect Guy!’  In addition to his sexy plea, he addressed the fact that dark skin men have been getting a bad rep this year.  With the defeat of Lebron James, by Steph Curry and the epic defeat of Meek Mill by Drake, it looks as though the light skin men are winning!  I wanted to know if Chestnut will redeem dark skin in this film by defeating his nemesis, light skin, blue eyed, Michael Ealy?

Morris Chestnut and Cherise Nicole

In this film, are you bringing dark skin brothers back by defeating Michael Ealy?

“Well, you know, it’s gonna be tough, it’s gonna be tough.  You know? You gotta pick and choose your battles and I’m not sure if this is one I’m gonna pick! So, I don’t know what’s gonna happen to him?”

Watch his hilarious and very sexy plea, for you to see The Perfect Guy and please be sure to support Morris Chestnut both at the box office and tune in to watch his new show, ‘Rosewood, which airs on FOX, Wednesday nights at 8pm, right before Empire!




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