Exclusive Interview: The Game’s Jay Ellis Tells Malik ‘I Ain’t No Punk!’ & Shares His Views On Cheating!

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Jay Ellis and Cherise Nicole

Fans have fallen in love with newbie, turned sex symbol, Jay Ellis from BET’s The Game.  The lovable cutie pie is one half of the young couple on BET’s hit show, that can’t seem to get it right for more than 5 minutes!  During this season, we witnessed Kiera (Lauren London) share a kiss with her ‘friend’ Malik Wright, during an acting class.  Well…the kiss may have opened up a can of worms and her on-screen boyfriend is not having it!  I recently sat down with my buddy Jay Ellis for some ‘Cocktails and Conversation,’ for a 4 part interview and he shared his thoughts on the kiss, season 8 and 9, his career, women, cheating, fame, sex and a whole lot more!

Jay Ellis and Cherise Nicole


In this first installment, Jay let us know that he would not tolerate his real life girlfriend kissing another man.  Don’t panic ladies…this is simply hypothetical!

 How do you feel about ‘the kiss?’

“I don’t like it.  Blue don’t like it either.  But, I think it’s part of that young, stupid, not thinking of consequences, kind of life. You know?  It’s what young people do sometimes.  They put themselves into situations where they have to face the consequences and they have to deal with the fallout and I think we’re going to see the fall out for the next couple of episodes.”

How would ‘Jay Ellis’ react if this situation happened?

“If this was real life and my girl kissed Malik?  It’d be a lot of smoke in the city! Nah, I’d probably just walk. I’d probably never speak to either one of them again.”

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Ladies and gentlemen…you know I had your back on this bogus answer.  Men can be SO double standard on women ‘cheating!’ Although, a kiss in an acting class can not really be considered cheating (in my opinion).  It’s so typical of a man to walk away as soon as their pride is bruised because their girl steps out.  But, they want to be forgiven 100 times over when they do it!  Jay insists that he would never cheat (O.K. Jay…) and that he would only forgive her if he had messed up and their indiscretions were equal.  Ummm Hmmm.

But, one thing was made clear.  He insist that he ain’t no punk!  And while he couldn’t give us all of the upcoming tea…apparently Blue is not afraid of Malik, so a beat down may be in order!  Stay Tuned….. P.S. It’s so much fun to poke fun at my buddy!  Love Ya Jay!

The Game airs every Wednesday night on BET!!

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