Exclusive Interview: ‘The Game’s’ Coby Bell Responds To Brandy & Brittany Daniel’s Battle ‘For The Love of Jason Pitts!’

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Coby Bell and Cherise Nicole


Coby Bell, who plays the infamous Jason Pitts on BET’s ‘The Game,’ may be in some serious hot water with his co-stars after this interview.  And it’s all my fault!!  Love It! Fans of the show are ecstatic  that Kelly Pitts is back, but who will Jason Pitts choose?  His fabulous new wife, or his fabulous previous wife?

Brittany Daniel, Coby Bell and Brandy

Well….until we find out on the show, we had to play a little game with Coby Bell, to try and find out which women he prefers?!!  However, Coby is a smart man and he did everything he could to get out of answering my questions!!!  But, don’t worry folks, even though he called me mean and told me I was going to Hell for doing this to him….I did get him to cough up the answers to some tough questions!  He even sang a little for us!

Coby Bell and Cherise Nicole

Who was the better wife?  Who do the fans love more?  Who can PUT IT DOWN the best?  You have to watch to find out!

The Game Airs Tuesday Nights at 10pm on BET!

Watch our interview Below!



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