Exclusive Interview: The Game’s Brittany Daniel Answers “Will You Get Back With Jason Pitts?!”

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Brittany Daniel and Cherise Nicole


The Game is entering it’s final seasons, but last season, fans had the shock of their lives when one of the most beloved characters of all time, Kelly Pitts (Brittany Daniel) made her triumphant return!  The gorgeous gal left the show for a few seasons to deal with her personal battle with Cancer, but she slayed the big C and now she is back for good!  Unfortunaltey for Chardonnay Pitts (Brandy) who happens to be Jason Pitt’s new wife, her resurrection led to the demise of their marriage, when at the end of last season, Jason, left Chardonnay at the alter when he confessed that he is still in love with Kelly!  So, now that the show is coming to an end, what will happen in the Jason, Kelly and Chardonnay love triangle?  We all know they HAVE to get back together, but who better to ask then our girl Brittany Daniel?!

I sat down with Brittany at our favorite Beverly Hills restaurant, Della Terra for a little cocktail and some juicy conversation.  In the first of our 3 part interview, I got the dish on what happens to Kelly and Jason. Well, as much dish as she could give me!  What I do know is that whatever happens…Brittany was very happy with the outcome!

Brittany Daniel and Cherise Nicole


Will Kelly and Jason Get Back Together?

“I don’t know? Some people really want Kelly and Jason together.  Some people really want him and Chardonnay together, so I don’t know.  You’re just gonna have to see.  I will tell you it’s a really exciting season. I know last year Kelly wasn’t in all the episodes, but this year Kelly is in almost the entire season.  There may be like one or two of them, but the rest of the season I’m in.  It’s going to be fun.”

Why did Kelly lie about being in-love with another man?

“I think Kelly, just doesn’t want to be the reason for their demise, for their break-up.  So, she’s like, don’t even drag me into this.  You need to clean that up.  You need to figure out what you’re doing there.  And so I think that was the only way to step away from the situation.  Because Jason, when he wants something he’s going to get it!  So, that was the only way for her to step away gracefully.”

You know you want to get back together!

“There needs to be a little bit of struggle. I do’t think Kelly will take him back that quickly! A man’s got to fight for his woman.”

“I mean when you truly love somebody, especially in real life, you don’t just get over somebody.  Especially, I’m ply imagining when you’re married, when you have a child and when you share a life together, it’s not like the fire will go away. So, I think that they will always love each other forever. So, we’ll just have to see this season if they re-unite or not!”

Love me some Brittany Daniel!  Now, you know they will definitely have to get back together!

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