Exclusive Interview: The Cast Of ‘Welcome To Sweetie Pie’s’ Ask Oprah To Help Lil Charles Be On Time For A JOB!

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The cast of OWN’s hit reality series ‘Welcome To Sweetie Pies, is back for another season!  The loveable family of Miss Robbie, Tim, Charles, Jenae and baby TJ are still appealing to the masses and making us all laugh and sometimes cry.  Miss Robbie recently shut down her very first Sweetie Pies, but for now, Mangrove and her dream location, Sweetie Pies Upper Crust are still running strong.  There are a few more changes, unfortunately, Tim and Jenae are no longer together.  They live separately and co-parent their baby boy TJ.  And Robbie’s teenage grandson, Andre is doing good in school and on track to graduate high school and go into the family business. But, one thing remains the same….Charles, still doesn’t have a real job, and he still doesn’t take his position at the restaurant seriously.

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Cherise Nicole (CNikky) and our associates EURweb caught up with the cast during the NAACP Image Awards.  They had just one their very first award in the category of ‘Best Reality Show!’  We spoke about the fan reaction of the show, what they learned about themselves on the show and most importantly, they made a plea for Lil Charles to get a JOB!  We also had a little fun.  Do they prefer Gold Teeth, Geri Curls, Lace-fronts or perms?  Watch the interview to find out!!

What has been the fan response from the show?


“People are telling us that we inspire them, that we remind them of their family. So, it’s just amazing that people can relate to us.”

What did you watch about yourself and realize you need to change?


“You know what, I didn’t realize how much me and her (Robbie) argue. But, apparently it’s pretty good, everybody like it, so it gets good ratings.

Do you feel that you need to improve?


“No, I like the way I act.”

Miss Robbie:

“Well we don’t. We want him to get a real job because he’s taking advantage of us. We love him as a family but, he is not working.”


“If you could help him get a job, if you could take him with you, maybe an intern?”


“She told me when I got back that I was fired from the restaurant, once again.”

Are you interested in a job in television?


“He can’t be on time for nothing.”


“I’m gonna need a really big alarm clock.”

Watch the interview below and tune in to OWN every Saturday Night for Welcome To Sweetie Pies!


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