Exclusive Interview: The Cast of ‘The Real’ Talk Relationships & Insecurities

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The Real

The Real is in it’s second season and the fabulous ladies have captured our hearts and our attention by being honest, even when it’s uncomfortable.  I caught up with 4 of the 5 host of the talk show, Adrienne, Loni, Tamera and Jeannie, (Tamar had to leave immediately following the taping of the show for a prior engagement) and they spoke candidly about love, relationships and learning about themselves on television.

Headlines have also revealed that the recently single Adrienne Bailon is in a new relationship, with a gospel artist, who happens to be still going through a divorce after cheating on his wife.  Adrienne is not responsible for the split, but Adrienne and her ex-fiance, Lenny were friends with her new boo, previously, so it’s a little sticky.  We wish Adrienne true happiness, it’s hard to find the one!
Adrienne Bailon and Jeannie Mai

Here are a few excerpts from our conversation.

What does love look like in the hashtag/social media generation?


“Love is different for everybody. And one thing I’ve learned is, you don’t have to do it the way anybody else has done it.  You have to decide what that’s gonna be for you and what that means to you. It doeasn’t have to be something that’s on social media.  As long as it holds a special place for you a hashtag is not needed. Different strokes for different folks.”


“I feel sorry for you young folks cause ya’ll falling in love on a DM.  That’s one of the things we talk about on the show is how dangerous it is to fall in love on the internet, cause you never know what you’re gonna get. “


“And once you get through the technology, spending time with someone is important.”

Tamera Mowry, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai and Adrienne Bailon

What advice would you give to single girls?


“I would say don’t settle.”


“Don’t settle. But, most importantly, use this time to work on yourself.  Usually in some situations two halves make a whole.  But, for a relationship, two wholes make a complete whole. And you have to feel good about yourself. You want to find somebody when you feel good about yourself. If you don’t love yourself, how do you expect someone else to love you?”


“Sometimes it starts by making a list of things that you like about yourself.  And when I say that to women, sometimes they can’t even find three things they like about themselves. As you build your confidence, that right there is the hottest thing that men pick up on, confidence!”

What have you learned from watching yourself on television?


“Not to watch myself on television!”

“I make the most ridiculous faces.  Sometimes I watch my face and I’m just doing the most.  So, I think sometimes you can just edit yourself and knit pick at yourself too much, so I just come out here and do me.”

Loni Love, Jeannie Mai and Adrienne Bailon
Interestingly enough, Jeannie’s insecurity is the same reason, she is my favorite host on the show!  Her energy is amazing and it comes off as her genuinely loving her job and wanting to be there. It makes her the most fun to watch and the most relate able. On a side note, I noticed that Jeannie and Loni were the only host on the panel that stopped to acknowledge the audience during the taping of the show.  That shows a lot about their character as well. Kudos Loni and Jeannie!


“I never realized how ‘Extra’ I can be.  I didn’t even know that word until this show! Then when I saw myself, I’m like ‘Oh my God!’ I just get so excited. Especially games or when we get into girl chat.  When I have fun, I forget the cameras are on and I just loose it.  I’m exactly how I am in real life, but when you’re sitting on the couch and watching, you’re like, ‘Oh my God, what’s happening?'”


“I’ve learned to listen, it’s important to listen because when you listen you learn so much from a person. Then you can appreciate the person and carry on a conversation. I’m learning to be a good listener and that’s hard for a comic.”

The Real airs weekday afternoons. Check your local listening and be sure to tune in! The ladies have been renewed for season 3!

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