Exclusive Interview: The Cast Of ‘Single Ladies’ Reveal Season 3 Secrets! Thug Love & The Sexy New Cast Members

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Single Ladies CNikky

Single Ladies is VH1’s Sexiest show and Season 3 is bringing the heat like never before! The gorgeous trio, Denise Vasi, LisaRaye McCoy and Charity Shea are back and better than ever. I sat down with the entire cast (Minus LeToya Luckett) and they dished on all of the season 3 secrets!

Single Ladies New Cast CNikky

New comers Damien Dante Wayans and Lesley Ann Brandt are stirring up trouble.  Damien is not only Charity Shea’s love interest, but he is also her co-worker.  The two reveal that things gets hot and heavy…and they enjoy the competition!  Lesley is the sultry wife that shakes up D.B. Woodside and Harold House Moore’s world, when she contest their father’s will and threatens to take over their company.

Single Ladies Men CNikky

LisaRaye and D.B. Woodside seem to finally find their happily ever after this season.  LisaRaye reveals that they will settle down and find a home together, but not before Terell Tilford finds his way back into her life and stirs up some trouble!  Although, according to D.B. …Malcom knows how to ‘Daddy Long Stroke!’ O.K. !!! But, the surprise of the season would have to be Denise Vasi hooking up with D.B.’s thuggish little brother Harold House Moore!  And it’s not just a one night stand…it might be a little thug love???

Denise Vasi:

“Raquel’s gonna try and focus on not having so many casual relationships and actually she’ll succeed at not having casual relationships.  But, we will see her with a very un-expected pick for her. ….Thug Love.  Everyone needs a little thug in their life! You know I’m happy.  Brooklyn girl.  A little street never hurt nobody.”

“Every guy needs to have a little kind of street cred”

“I second the  motion!”

“No matter where you come from, wether you’re from the hood or you grew up in the Valley, whatever it is you need to have a little bit of street smarts and know how to handle yourself.  I’m not into soft boys.”

Damien Dante Wayans:

“The craziest chicks have the best…you know… Now as you get older, you realize that you don’t want crazy in your life.  You want to find a balance between some good stuff and a sane women. “

Lesley Annd Brandt:

“Lady In The Streets, But a freak in the sheets!”

Season 3 of Single Ladies on Monday Nights on VH1!!!

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