Exclusive Interview: The Carmichael Show Cast Talks Jesus, Trump, Girls & Season 2!

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Amber West, Cherise Nicole, Jerrod Carmichael

The Carmichael show is kicking off it’s second season on NBC and it is better than ever!  The dramedy based on the life of comedian Jerrod Carmichael stars Jerrod, Lorretta Devine, David Alan Grier, Amber Stevens West and comedians Tiffany Haddish and LilRel.  The Carmichael show is famous for tackling hot topic and often controversial issues head on.  Audiences learn from the show and laugh at the same time.  I had the pleasure of having a set visit and exclusive interviews with the cast.  We spoke about Jerrod’s journey shopping the show and the topics they will tackle this season.  And somehow we got on the subject of Jesus and Donald Trump!

Amber Stevens West, Cherise Nicole, Jerrod Carmichael

Unfortunately for many writers, when they are pitching a show to a network, the network is more interested in the script, or the concept then them as actors.  We’ve seen it happen to people like Sylvester Stallone and Mindy Kaling, who later went on to experience tremendous success, but not without a few No’s first.  Luckily, for comedian and new actor, Jerrod Carmichael, that wasn’t the case.  He created, wrote and is the executive producer of The Carmichael show and I wanted to know what that journey was like.

Did the network ever say they were interested in the show, but not you?

“The concept is wrapped around my perspective and you see in my stand-up, the arguing and the devils advocate perspective really plays into the show.  So, luckily I was always attached.  It’s happened to some friends of mine, where they said,’Oh we like the concept,’ but we really didn’t pitch a concept, it was just conversation.  So, it stayed so grounded that I wrote myself in!”

The show is filled with debate and hot topics, so I wanted to know if they would be incorporating one of the nations hottest debates right now?

 Which character on the show would be most likely to endorse Donald Trump for President?

“Between Joe and Jerrod the character are the two that would, maybe Cynthia because most of the cast could go either way, it just depends on what they latch on to.  And that’s the cool thing about the show, just kind of having the openness to not be in a box. We talk politics alot, it kind of just weaves in and out.”

The Carmichael Show season 2 starts Wednesday, March 9th on NBC!

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