Exclusive Interview: T.I. Talks Finding His Identity, Tupac & The Family Hustle Horror Movie

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Clifford T.I. Harris is having one of the best years of his life.  The rapper is riding high on the success of his new album “Trouble Man,” he and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris are featured on the cover of Ebony magazine, his reality show “The Family Hustle,” is one of the best on television and this weekend his new film “IDENTITY THIEF,” opens in theaters nation wide.

The comedy featuring Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman is about a woman (McCarthy) who steals the identities of un-suspecting people and subsequently ruins their lives and finances.  T.I. plays a henchmen named Julian, that is chasing McCarthy to collect a debt.  This is his first time delving into comedy.  His past films include ATL, Takers and American Gangster.

Cherise Nicole (CNikky) and our associates EURweb sat down with Mr. Harris to discuss his “Identity.”  Since he constantly raps about his “Swag,” we asked him if he ever struggled with finding his identity when he was younger and if he used his “swag” to overcompensate for his insecurities?  Many men don’t discuss their insecurities, so it was nice to hear his honest answer.

T.I. responded:

“I think for me man, at the time unfortunately…when those moments came to me, I turned to the streets, I got my confidence from things that I did in the street. And the more notoriety I gained in that world, the more if an invisible badge of honor I had. You know what I’m saying?  That’s NOT the way to go. You know..I was a real skinny kid….I was probably one of the smallest cats in my school, but I probably fought the most.  Um, I got a reputation for being that cat that no matter how big you were..we were gonna have a fight.  And growing older, I learned how the physical of that went away and just the mental and emotional, holding on to confidence, it stayed with me.”

We also spoke with him about his similarities to Tupac Shakur, his kids and we had to ask him if the Harris Family Horror movie will ever make it to the big screen?  We got a sneak peek on this past season of the Family Hustle…you have to watch to find out the answer!


Watch the interview below:


Check out the trailer for Identity Thief below:

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