Exclusive Interview: SYTYCD All-Stars Cyrus & Fik-Shun ‘Drop That Nae Nae’ , Compare Dance To Getting High & Dish On Ex-Girlfriends!

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Cyrus, Fikshun and Cherise Nicole


If you didn’t know, the dance craze of 2014 is ‘The Nae Nae!’  So You Think You Can Dance All-Star, Cyrus and Season 10 winner, Fik-Shun gave us a lesson on how to ‘Drop That Nae Nae,’ and we also got a sneak peek of some of the dance moves we may see on Season 11 of SYTYCD!  The guys stopped by to tell us what it feels like when you get that famous golden ticket to Las Vegas and break down the “high” you get from dance.

‘It’s like a feeling you get inside and it’s so strong you can’t control.  For some people it’s crack. For some it’s weed.  For us..it’s dance.  Dancing is our drug.  Dancing is our high.  Dancing is what fuels us to wake up everyday and be like, I have something to do today.  I’m gonna dance in front of a new crowd of people and just inspire others.  And when you’re on that stage, it feels like all of the energy is coming towards you and like my boy Cyrus said earlier, you got to give it back. And when you do, it;s this constant back and forth like with you and the crowd and it feels so good. It’s love.”

Fikshun, Cyrus and Cheris Nicole   Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 1.52.35 PM


We couldn’t let Season 9 All-star Cyrus, get away without giving us the juice on his very public break-up with Season 10 dancer Jasmine. She let the world know that he broke up with her while he was on the show during season 9, but Cyrus insist, he didn’t break her heart…..ummm hmmmm.

Jasmine Harper


Before I let them go, I had to find out what dance everyone will be doing this summer, their answer was ‘The Nae Nae.’  Cyrus and Fik-Shun showed us how to do it.  Watch them school me below and tune in to FOX every Wednesday night for Season 11 of SYTYCD!!

Watch The Interview Below:


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