Exclusive Interview: Steve McQueen, Jay Ellis & Louis Gosset Jr. Talk ’12 Years A Slave’ & ‘Roots’

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Director and writer Steve McQueen’s new film, 12 Years A Slave is already making waves and creating Oscar buzz.  The film has only been out for 2 weeks and it’s opening week, it was only released in 19 theaters total across the country.  In those few theaters, it grossed nearly 1 million dollars!  Unheard of!!  It is quickly gaining traction and every week, Fox Searchlight is releasing it in more theaters.  The extraordinary and true slave narrative of Solomon Northrup is portrayed by Chiwetel Ejiofor with a supporting cast including Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Sara Paulson and newcomer Lupita Nyongo among others.  CNikky was there for the red carpet premiere and we caught up with the director, a few cast members and celebs that couldn’t wait to see the film.  The Game star Jay Ellis, flew in from Atlanta to see the movie and veteran actor, Louis Gossett Jr. stopped by to tell us why this film is so important.  Louis is also famous for portraying Fidler in one of the first Slave movie’s America was ever exposed to, ‘Roots.’  We asked Louis about the evolution in film from ‘Roots,’ which came out in the 80’s to the very graphic and honest depiction of ’12 Years A Slave.’

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“All I can remember is a line that Fidler said, cause he didn’t understand what freedom was. He said, ‘What’s it like to be free? I never had that feeling?’  So, now, here we are today.  We see this movie, the truth has been opened.  So, now you young folks and people younger than you, who take it for granted.  There’s a tapestry of responsibility to be free in America today.  And it’s all across the board.  Safe streets, health care, active inspirations and aspirations of being the best you can possibly be and even better.  So, there’s a tapestry of responsibility.  That’s freedom, that’s America.”

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