Exclusive Interview: Spike Lee Is “Bananas” About His New Film RED HOOK SUMMER

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CNikky partnered up with EURweb.com and I sat down with legendary film director Spike Lee, for what turned out to be one of the most insightful, funny and entertaining interviews I’ve ever had!  Spike Lee (aka Mookie) was on hand to promote his latest film from his “Brooklyn chronicles,” RED HOOK SUMMER (in select theaters now)!  Spike revealed a little known fact about a cast member from The Wire, his feelings on N**gaz In Paris, the inspiration behind the film, how he felt about summertime when he was a kid and more!

I asked Spike what inspired the film:

“This is something James McBride, great novelist and I wrote together. We had breakfast one morning … first of all, we both have teenagers and how come we never see any teenagers like our kids in films. We talked about one of my favorite films, ‘Stand by Me,’ and I said, ‘you know what, you never see a black version of something like that.’ And then we said … a boy is 13. A girl is 14 and just started to build from there.”

Spike and I discussed two of the cast members of Red Hook Summer, Clarke Peters and Isiah Whitlock Jr. who are also former alums of “The Wire.” (which happens to be one of my favorite shows ever!) I wondered if they were cast in “Red Hook” because Spike is a fan of the show. He responded:

“Isiah Whitlock was in ‘She Hate Me’ and ’25th Hour’ before he was in ‘The Wire.’ And that whole ‘sheeeeeit’ … that did not originate in ‘The Wire.’ It originated in ‘She Hate me.”

But, that’s not all he said…find out what they broke the record for, how Jay-Z and Kanye West felt about Spike and Sam Jackson doing N**gaz In Paris at the BET Awards and what he thinks is the reason behind so many boys being raised by single mothers.

Watch the interview below and check out RED HOOK SUMMER IN THEATERS NOW!


Watch the trailer below:


Source: EURweb.com

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