Exclusive Interview: Soulja Boy, Fizz & Yung Berg Give Outrageous Answers To What They Want In A Woman & Talk Love & Hip Hop!

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In part 3 of my interview with Love and Hip Hop Hollywood stars, Soulja Boy, Yung Berg and Fizz, we finally discussed the drama on this season of the VH1 hit show.  The guys shared that all 3 of them are experiencing relationship problems.  Soulja and his longtime girlfriend have moved in together, but he admitted that she is turning up for the camera’s and going off on him a lot more than usual.  Fizz is juggling his baby mamma and his current girlfriend.  And Berg….well as he explained it, is balancing 4 different women who all know about each other.  So, I asked the fellas what qualities in a woman it would take to lock them down. As usual, I got some outrageous answers!

What qualities are you looking for in a woman?

Yung Berg:
“Ah, me?  Well, right now, where I’m at in my life, I’m thinking that, I’m looking for a woman that has more money than me, you know what I’m saying?  That’s like, more successful than me.  It don’t matter what age she is, it don’t matter what color she is, it don’t matter what size she is , you know what I’m saying? It can be everything from KeKe Palmer to Gabourey Sidebe, that played Precious.  As long as you coming with that bag and I like you,, we can hang out, we can chill, you know what I’m saying?  We have an understanding.  I can take it there.”

“Either that, or she gotta have like a fire gumbo game.  Like her gumbo gotta be crazy.  Like gumbo…you might get me, you make a fire #ss gumbo like every Friday…”

“A lot yo’ cause I got a son.  So, I’m a single father, with full custody.  So, it’s like, I need a person that’s like a mom in a sense. And likes to cater to me when I come home.”

LHHH Fizz, Berg, Soulja, Cherise Nicole

Soulja Boy:
“I need crazy wild sex. Crazy wild sex all the time.  Whenever I want it. I don’t wan to have to ask, I don’t want to have to say nothing, it should’t be no discussion.  It shouldn’t be no big thing.  Just sex!  Good sex all the time. Whenever I’m ready.  We could be in the car, I’m driving on the highway, sex! We could be in the studio, I’m recording a song, sex! “

Was the filming of Love and Hip Hop everything you expected?

Soulja Boy:
“I ain’t know what to expect.  I just was like, let’s do it.  You know the first couple of weeks it was kind of weird for me.  But, just being on camera and dealing with what I had to deal with,  then she just went to snapping on me.  You know what I’m saying?  Sometimes she just snap on me on camera.  Yeah!  I was just like damn why she snapping on me?! She don’t usually just be snapping on me like that!  I mean she snap, but she was just like Arh! Arh! Arh! Arh! Arh! (like a dog barking) I was like Oh Sh#t!  So, it took me to get used to that, but you know, I really didn’t know what to expect.  But, I enjoyed filming the show.”

These boys…

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Airs Every Monday Night on VH1!


Watch The Interview Below:


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  • Nana Currie

    Just watched interview; and the only thing I kept thinking was, I hope Soulja Boy did not leave any booty juice on that chair. There is a distinct mental impairment amongst our men and boys in regards to lessons that their mom and some dads tried to instill about decent attire. I know times have changed, but damn that. Right is right and indecent exposure is no where.

    Will keep my chin up and remain positive that this persistent fact will return to ol’ school. Feels awesome to see men in hard sole shoes from time to time (with play off the brain).

    My son believes I am too ol’ fashioned; but that’s ok. I love it. Most young women and girls do not even know what a slip is. Not their fault, things things are to be passed down. Just like cooking was passed down; that is to the fortunate ones.

    Great interviews Ms Cherise Nicole! Big ups and thank you.

  • Jade

    Fizz doesn’t have full custody, he needs to stop lying and exaggerating his power.