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Sinqua Walls - CNikky

Sinqua Walls is straight out of a fairy tale.  The handsome actor, that once played Sir Lancelot on the hit television series Once Upon A Time, stepped out of Story Brook and into our hearts.  His role on Power catapulted him to success and now he is the hottest new addition to another one of our favorite shows, The Breaks on VH1!

The Thespian and former athlete checks off most of the list that ladies make when requesting a man.  Handsome (check), talented (check), ambitious (check), intelligent (check), spiritual (check), kind (check) and a bonus of tall, sexy and employed!  But, unfortunately ladies he is remaining mum on the details of his love life.  So, I can’t confirm or deny if he is single and looking for love. But, most likely he is taken and if so, who could blame her!

Sinqua Walls - CNikky

I recently sat down with Walls to discuss his new role as Lil Ray on The Breaks and his shocking departure from Power.  He was accompanied by his cast mate and one of our favorite people, Antoine Harris, who plays Ahm on the VH1 show.  In part 1 of our 4 part interview, we got down to the core of Walls’ character and he revealed his thoughts about being killed off of Power.  Be sure to check back here for the other parts of the interview, where we go into depth about Antoine’s character and we talk relationships and find out why these men should be your Man Crush Everyday!

Sinqua Walls, Cherise Nicole, Antoine Harris

Check out a few excerpts from the interview below and scroll down to the bottom for part 1 of our interview!

Walls plays Lil Ray on The Breaks, a mysterious character, who seems to do the dirty work to get things done for the hip hop record label, Fouray Records.  Within the first few episodes of the show, the leading lady, Nikki Jones, has been captivated by Walls’ character and they end up with a steamy sex scene.  So is it love or just a good time?

What’s going on between your character and the Nikki Jones character?

“Well see as it unfolds. But, I definitely think there’s a lot of crazy dynamic that happens between them.”

How did you prepare for your first sex scene with Afton (Nikki Jones)?

“I put in a lot of work for that scene. No lie! I remember when we got the scene.  And the cool part about it more than anything is that I had time to prepare.  So, I was like okay I gotta get the diet right.  Now, I gotta work out like overtime and I had a friend of mine and I train together so we went in together and did the work, so by the day of it, I was like, I don’t care how it looks.  I put the work in.  And it played!”

On Power, Walls was the son of 50 Cent’s character and the assistant and chauffeur to our favorite guy, Omari Hardwick.  But, his job came with the bonus of secretly boning his bosses wife and her best friend, played by beautiful actresses Naturi Naughton and La La Anthony.

What is your life like, when you get to have intimate scenes with the likes of La La Anthony, Naturi Naughton and Afton Williams?

“Get a degree, go to school and you too can be Blessed in this way!”

Walls is new to the cast of The Breaks and audiences are still trying to figure him out.  Is he a good guy or a bad guy and do we want him as the love interest for the main character, Nikki Jones?

Tell me about your character, who is Lil Ray?

“He’s a mover and a shaker.  He’s someone who knows a lot of high people in low places.  He’s a guy who can get a little bit of everything done.  Barry and Nikki’s character comes to him when they have a problem and need a fix.  He’s between both worlds because he has experience in both worlds.  There’s nothing that really ever shakes him.  His reputation on the streets is from his family, so people know he’s not someone you can take lightly.”

In one of the most shocking season finale’s so far, Walls’ character was shot in the head by none other than his own father (played by 50 Cent) for showing allegiance to his boss (Omari Hardwick) over his father.  Audiences gasped at the cold hearted act and felt for Naturi’s character, who was at home waiting to run away with him and start a new life.  Did Walls see it coming?

How did you feel when you found out you were going to get killed off of Power?

“I mean, I knew the story.  So at the end of the day it’s telling an authentic story.  I was like, ‘Can we do it this way? Why can’t we do it this way?’ Because I always want to shock the audience, which it did do, which I was happy with.  And I’m always like, is this going to be a memorable story? Because I’m like, if I’m not on the show, and I’m watching it, am I going to remember this? And if those moments aren’t there, they I honestly don’t want to be apart of them. “

Interesting!  We’d love to see Walls come back on Power in some flashback scenes, but for now, we can enjoy him on The Breaks, every Monday night at 10pm on VH1!

Watch part 1 of my interview with Sinqua below and catch part 2 to hear from his cast mate, Antoine Harris!

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