Exclusive Interview: ‘Single Ladies’ Stars LisaRaye& Denise Vasi Talk Marriage & Negativity Among Women

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Denise Vasi may be very single on her hit show on VH1, ‘Single Ladies.’  But, she is actually an unexpected newly wed!  The beautiful new bride knew the moment she met her husband that he was the one, even thought she never thought she would get married! During our exclusive interview, Denise shared that moment with us and LisaRaye McCoy opened up about her relationship experiences, NOT dating young men and dealing with negativity among women.  The ladies also dished on who would be their dream co-star on the show.  Let’s just say….some of the hottest men in Hollywood were on their list.  Idris Elba anyone?????

Denise Vasi and Anthony Mandler

I asked Denise Vasi how she knew her husband, Anthony Madler was the one?

“He said, ‘Hello, I’m so sorry I’m late.  My name is Anthony Mandler.’  I don’t even know how?  I can prove it to anybody.  I have the email saved from the day that I meant him.  I came home and I was like, ‘Girl, I just meant my future ex-husband!’  It’s kind of this joke because between me and my girlfriends I was the one they least expected to get married. I was not getting married.  I was going to travel the world and take care of my family.  I don’t know?  I was into having experiences and having relationships and saying Thank you.  I taught you, you taught me.  This has been great, I have to go now.  I moved to California.  So many things were always constantly changing in my life.  I started modeling when I was 12. I was traveling a lot.  There wasn’t much stability and marriage is about stability.  And so I never thought it was something for me.  But, I don’t know?  When I meant him, something whispered in my ear.  I just knew. “


LisaRaye and Cherise Nicole

What has Been your experience in relationships with men and dealing with negativity amongst women?

“I think for me, I kind of grew up fast.  My family owned a lot of different businesses so,  I grew up in the back seat of my fathers car knowing business.  So, I grew up to be a business woman.  And that’s why I’m not a cougar. Young guys, that’s not enough for me.  So, I need, like you say, stability.  And I want the foundation of a friendship and there’s something about when you’re in your 20’s there’s still some of that play, 30’s you’re still trying to figure it out.  But, 40’s and when I was 40, years ago…. I felt like I was in my prime. I really felt my power and I felt that whatever my experiences were, I wanted to share and spread that with a lot of different ladies that had gone through what I’d gone through.  Or help them not go through what I went through.  So, I’m really about bridging the gap between women that don’t get along.  I mean, it’s like, we got a problem, let’s talk about it real quick, let’s get over it.  Let’s argue, let’s disagree, but when we walk out of here let’s agree.  We cool?  We Cool?  That kind of thing.”

LisaRaye, Charity Shea and Cherise Nicole

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