Exclusive Interview: SCANDAL Spoiler Alert! Columbus Short Dishes On Who’s Hooking Up This Season!

Posted by: cnikky

columbus short 3

Columbus Short AKA Mc-Chocolate is the sexy gladiator in a suite on ABC’s hit show Scandal. The past two seasons have been hot and heavy and it looks like the up coming season will be even hotter! So far, we’ve seen Olivia Pope get steamy with the President and Abby get it on with Attorney David Rosen.  Many people see a possible romance brewing between Huck and Quinn, but where is the love for Columbus Shorts character, Harrison? Well….it may be happening this season?!!

Cherise Nicole (CNikky) caught up with Columbus during the BET Awards and he reluctantly gave up the goods! Sexual Chocolate!!

What can you tell us about the up coming season of Scandal?

“I can’t tell you anything. It’s coming, it’s going to be scandalous!”

Will you get a love interest this season?

“I don’t know if I find it..or it finds me, but something like that.”

columbus short 2

You can catch the first two seasons of Scandal on BET (in case you missed it)!

Watch below for the interview and prepare for Scandal to return this October!


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