Exclusive Interview: Safaree Talks People Hating On His Accent, Fake Friends & New Music

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Our friend Safaree Samuels can sometimes be classified as one of the most disliked people in Hip Hop.  Simply because people do not understand his persona.  In part 2 of my exclusive interview with the Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star, he addresses the harsh criticism he’s received over his Jamaican accent, his music and his persona.  He also spoke to me about people that pretended to be his friends when it was convenient for them, but abandoned him when he was no longer in a high profile relationship with Nicki Minaj.

What’s the feedback you get about going in and out of your Jamaican accent during your confessionals on Love and Hip Hop?

“People hate it so much! I get so much hate. I be laughing at people. Like, you’re so dumb. Shut up.”

“They’re like, Oh, what’s this fake accent? Listen you morons.  when you are in America and you’re speaking to American people, you gonna talk in a way that they understand.  But, sometimes we can just be talking one on one, or even when I’m speaking to Americans, some people just hear, Oh you have an accent.  Where you from? And if I’m around my family, back home or the people that’s from Jamiaca and I’m talking to them, then my accent is going to come out!  It just depends.  So, I’m just trying to put ya’ll up on game. So, you can try to talk like that.”

Safaree told us exclusively that he will not be a resident of Los Angeles for much longer.  He plans to move to a city that is closer to his family on the east coast.  However, I strongly believe Miami is in the running since it’s so close to Jamaica.

“I miss my family. All of my sisters and my mom are on the east coast, so I just need to get that back in my life and not get, sucked up in this business and trying to try to be successful and just loosing touch with my family.  I’ve seen it happen.  I’ve been through it.  I’ve definitely seen people get lost and get jaded and I definitely attest to being one of those people. I’m just reeling myself back in.”

He admits that Los Angeles is a town full of fake people and in the midst of his relationship with Nicki Minaj there were a bevy “friends” around that conveniently dissipated when they broke up.

“I call them rent-a-friends.  There’s a couple people I call and I’m like, ‘What’s up rent-a-friend?’ Those are the people that were there when everything was super super crazy and then time went by and I get disassociated from certain people.  And I just noticed certain people weren’t around. Certain people weren’t calling.  I don’t blame people.  It was just an eye opener for me.  I appreciate it because this time around, it’s not going to be no rent-a -friends.”

The truth is, Safaree is dope MC.  Many people weren’t aware that he assisted Nicki in writing most of her lyrics over her career and he was a rapper when she first met him.  He is now making waves with his new song, ‘Hater’ and several others on his ‘Stunt Gang’ moniker.  And while, he doesn’t get credit for being a lyricist, he actually deserves it!

How do you feel about people hating on your music?

“Stop hating! I’m nice! No way around it. Stop hating.”

“Let me tell you what somebody did. One of my people in Atlanta.  There was like a room of like 25 people and they do this thing where they play new records.  They played my song and didn’t tell nobody who it was.  Everybody was like ‘That is hard! Who is that?’ They were like, Safaree.  The room just got quiet.  They said ‘That’s Safaree? Damn, I can’t front, that sh#t is hot.’ Why you gotta say I can’t front?  It’s like n#ggas just automatically don’t want to like me. I didn’t do nothing to none of you n#ggas.”

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