Exclusive Interview: Safaree Opens Up About Nicki Minaj, Past Relationships & Love and Hip Hop!

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A few months ago, I posted our exclusive interview with Safaree Samuels, where he gave us the tea that he was interested in his own dating show on VH1!  Now, the ink is dry and the alleged dating show is underway!  Congrats Buddy!

In addition to that, things have changed a bit since we sat down.  Nicki Minaj is no longer with Meek and Safaree is single on the new season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood!  Scroll below to see what Safaree had to say about LHHH, Nicki and his dating life! And check out the full interview at the bottom. It’s a good one!  He’s a sweetie pie.


Safaree Samuels was introduced to the masses as the hype man of superstar Nicki Minaj.  But, the truth is, he was her producer, business partner, former rap group member and her secret fiancee’ whom she dated for 12 years.  Most of the world was shocked to find out about their relationship and upon realizing that it ended badly, he was immediately villanized.  Although people began to notice him around and take an interest in his new relationships, it seemed as though people were more eager to ridicule and hope for the worst for him.  Every relationship he entered into, seemed to fail and when Minaj went public with her new relationship with rapper, Meek Mill, people were eager to be happy that she had moved on (at least at first.)

But, now that we see that Meek Mill might not have been the best choice for her and Safaree seems to have been an excellent producer, lyricist, collaborator and business partner people have become curious about who he really is.  First he began dropping singles and videos from his mix tape and the music was actually pretty good!  He had punchlines, flow and he mixed his native Jamaican patois with his New York accent which tends to be a great mix. Then he signed on to be a cast member on this season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.  And while in theory, it would be a great way for audiences to get to know him, instead it’s added fuel to the Safaree hate fire.  His confessionals on the show entail him wearing fur coats with big hoods, an oiled up chest, sunglasses and an excessive amount of Jamaican patois.  His gushing over his new love interest and cast mate, Miss Nikki Baby, who has had surgery on most parts of her body, adds to the perception of him being over the top and ridiculous.  So, when VH1 asked me if I was interested in interviewing him, curiosity had the best of me and I said ,’Yes!’  While most of my peers told me I was wasting my time with a corny dude, I wanted to give him a fair chance.  And I did. What followed was not expected.

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We spoke for about an hour. Here are a few clips from part 1 of our interview.  Parts 2 and 3 to follow.

What’s going on with you and Nikki Baby from Love and Hip Hop Hollywood?

“You saw I walked in and I saw her kissing a girl right? Yeah. It’s up in the air right now. I’m a nice guy, but I don’t take dis-respect from nobody. You didn’t put in enough work for me to be putting up with that. So, somebody gone have to get their ish in order. Straight up.”

Is it true that you bought a house this year with rumored call girl, Ana Montana?

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Yo, where do people come up with this stuff? That is absolutely not true. I don’t know where the hell that came from? If that was true, where’s the house at? Like, when you get a house, you can’t hide it. That’s public information. So, No!”

Although he did not deny knowing her, he does deny buying a house with her.  And when I mentioned the allegations that Ana Montana was accused of being the woman that T.I. was sleeping with when Tiny caught him in a hotel this summer, Safaree did not have much to say.

What happened with you and Wild n’ Out girl Zashia Santiago?

“That was a while ago, though. That got blown out of proportion. “

Is it true that she cheated on you?

“You know what? I don’t even remember what happened. Cause that was a very quick, short thing. But, you know, picture and media make things seem like it’s a lot longer than it was.  But, big man thing, that thing was short.”

Have these failed relationships caused your guard to go up?

“My guard is up like a 24 hour federal maximum penitentiary!”

“Listen man, it’s rough out here in these streets, ain’t nobody using me for no promo, getting seen on TMZ, none of that. Leave me alone! Like me for me woman. All or nothing!”

“I’m looking for love.  So, VH1 I was opposed to it before, but I think I may be open to doing a dating show, so I think we need to set it up. Let’s do a casting and let’s really find love you know?”

How difficult has it been starting over since the end of your relationship with Nicki Minaj?

“It wasn’t as hard as people may think it was.  Because you know, when you’re driving on a long road and you see the end of the road and you know that the end is coming. You just start preparing for it? That’s where I was at.  So, it’s like, I knew what it was about to be.  So, when it finally happened I was already was disconnected.  So, it was just like a sigh of relief and just like a fresh start.”

Is it true that you were cheating on her at the time of your break-up?

“It was a whole lot going on.  It was a two way street. Of course I’m gonna get that blame because I’m a guy and the other person is one of the biggest stars on the planet.  Ain’t nobody gonna take my side and I’m not looking for anybody to take my side cause at the end of the day it’s none of their business. It’s between me and one other person. “

What was it like for you and Nicki Minaj to start out with nothing, have all of these big dreams and then watch your dreams come true?

“It makes your head spin. I’ll never forget. I used to drive tractor trailers, 18 wheelers for this company called JB Hunt. I used to haul trash from Jersey to Kentucky to the waste fields. I would drive 14 hours, dump the trash in the mine fields and drive back up north east.  I remember when, I don’t know what it was?  I think Wayne [Lil Wayne] had shouted her [Nicki Minaj] out on a song and then she had called me and told me and I was like ‘What!?’ I was like ‘Yo!’ I was in the truck, I was ready to quit!’ I wanted to quit just because I wanted to hear it! But, I was in the middle of nowhere.  Internet wasn’t big back then, so there wasn’t no iPhones. We had the Nextel chirp phones! We wasn’t texting yet.  I’m in the truck driving and I’m like,’Yo I gotta hear this,’ but I got 11 hours to go. It was torture. And when I got to New York and I heard it I was like, ‘Oh my God! Yo, this is insane!’ And then things just started happening little by little. And then, everything we ever spoke about, everything we ever dreamed about, everything we ever said we was gonna do, it happened.  At the end of the day you gotta respect that. Even me talking about it right now, I don’t talk about it much, but me talking about it is making me see it and it’s like damn.  As much as people want to hate on me and make it seem like there’s an on going war, it’s like, Nah. That sh#t is incredible.”

Interesting and inspiring.  I liked Safaree.  Once he let his guard down, I found that I identified with him in many ways.  He is just a nice guy, with a lot of ambition, that is doing what he believes to make his dreams come true.  His relationship didn’t work due to his mistakes and hers and he is trying to find love.  His clothes and behavior are a bit eccentric, but being flashy is his personality. I hope if he gets the relationship show, he is able to tone it down at times, take the shades and the oil off and allow the world to see the really nice person that I got to know.

Check out parts 2 and 3 of our interview where we discuss the Jamaican accent, his rap career, losing friends in the industry and so much more on my channel youtube.com/cnikkyblog! Subscribe!

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