Exclusive Interview: Russell Simmons Explains Why His Daughters Need Him In Their Life

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russell simmons

Russell Simmons is the media mogul that is responsible for Def Jam, Phat Farm, Baby Phat, Global Grind, Def Comedy Jam, Def Poetry Jam and many other media outlets.  He is a true innovator and pioneer and any person with aspirations for change stands on his shoulders.  In addition to being a media mogul, he is the father to two beautiful daughters with his ex-wife, supermodel mogul Kimora Lee Simmons.

russell simmons and daughter

Russell recently relocated to Los Angeles in order to be a more active father in his daughters lives.  I caught up with Mr. Simmons during the red carpet premiere of 12 Years A Slave, where he spoke passionately about why more stories about Black History need to be told in Hollywood.  I also asked him about his family and how his life has changed since moving to L.A. to spend more time with his girls, Ming Lee and Aioki Lee.  Loves Russell!

How has your life changed since you moved to Los Angeles to be close to your daughters?

 “I used to get up a little later.  Now, I get up at 5:30am and I’m at their house every morning at 6:15am to meditate until 6:35am.  And at 6:50am we leave to take them to school.  They go to school very early.  And every morning that’s what I do. SO, being with them and meditating with them every morning has been amazing!  And after that the stories that I’m telling them…the Hollywood, the new media, that stuff is fun.  That’s, once their in school,  But that’s the thing, I’m here to meditate with my kids.”

Why Is It Important for more fathers to be their for their daughters?

“My daughters need me right now.  their 13 and 11.  Seeing them every morning is the best thing for me and for them.”

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