Exclusive Interview: Renee Graziano Talks Big Ang & Season 6 Drama on Mob Wives!

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Cherise Nicole and Renee Graziano

Renee Graziano is one of the original and most beloved characters on VH1’s hit reality series, Mob Wives.  The show is entering it’s sixth and final season and while there are new relationships and plot lines, the original cast members have evolved significantly  and many have experienced drastic life changes, both for good and bad.  I had the pleasure of sitting down with Renee at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, for an intimate conversation about the final season and the next chapter of her life.

Renee Graziano Mob Wives

Read a few excerpts below:

During episode 1, Renee is extremley adamant about not wanting to welcome the new girl Brittany into her private circle of friends because Brittany’s parents cooperated with the FBI and snitched on friends and family members to avoid jail time.  Renee even stated that she would rather send her kid to foster care, than cooperate and the comment outraged many fans of the show.  She wanted to clear that statement up.

“I made a mistake in something I said. She was explaining that her mom said either her children go to foster care or she cooperated. My thing is, although I’d never send AJ to foster care, I have sisters a mother and a father. But, if I was committing a crime and I was guilty, I wouldn’t throw other people under the bus just because of my son. My son would just have to deal with you got to stay with grandma and grandpa cause I did something wrong. And I’m not gonna tell on other people to lighten my sentence. Which is what my ex husband did. So for me it’s very personal.”

Easily the most lovable cast member of Mob Wives is Big Ang, who briefly had her own spin-off show on VH1.  In news that devastated her fans and friends, Angie, who was diagnosed and treated for throat cancer last year, has revealed that the cancer has returned.  But, this time it’s much more aggressive.  While, out of respect, the ladies aren’t saying much about Angie’s status, Renee gave us an update and unfortunately, it’s not good.

How is Big Ang doing?

“Let’s just pray for her. I try not to talk about her situation, because I feel that’s for her to discuss. But, I know that she is going through it. My dad has cancer, so I get it. I feel horrible for Angela. I mean nobody deserves it, but Angela is a very special person so it’s harder to see her go through it. I know Angela since I was a little kid, since I’m 16. She’s family, so you’re watching someone that you love dearly. And that’s someone who would give anything and everything. And then they have to battle cancer. And I can say it’s stage 4, so it’s very serious.”

Renee is trying to steer clear of the drama this season, but during the second episode she did slightly encourage an argument between new cast members Brittany and Marrissa.

Renee Graziano and Cherise Nicole

“I did stir the post when I looked up the word lush, I’m not going to lie!

Clearly, Brittany is the new cast member that Renee is not a fan of.

“I’m not judging her because of what her parents did, I just don’t particularly care for her as a person.”

I wanted to know which cast member Renee was really friends with when it’s all said and done.  The top of the list was our girl Karen!

“Karen has helped me through things that people don’t know. When I relapsed, she was the first person to pick me up and take me back to Arizona and let me stay for a month until I got back on my feet. So Karen is definitley like a sister.”

Renee Graziano and Cherise Nicole

After six crazy seasons of fights, disappointments and triumphs, what was the biggest regret?

“I regret getting in that damn hot tub stoned. Yup, that’s my biggest regret, but it helped someone along the way. But, I’m not supposed to live with regret. But, I’d do that one all over and I’d wear a better bathing suit.”

What do you wish people at home had a chance to see that they didn’t?

“People for who they really are. But, you might see it this season.”

The final season of Mob Wives airs Wednesday nights at 8pm on VH1!

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