Exclusive Interview: Remy Ma & Papoose Talk Love & Hip Hop & Being The Perfect Example of Black Love!

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Remy Ma & Papoose - CNikky.com

People utilize you two as their relationship goals or their ideal couple.  Some even say the definition of black love.  How do you feel about that?

Remy Ma:

“That’s one of the reasons why we decided to do another season.  Because we felt like with the first season we showed people a different side of us.  And let them into our lives and we left a lasting impression and we didn’t want to taint that.  But, we had so many people like, ‘ No, you guys have to stay.  You’re the only representation out here like that!’ And so we kind of ended up feeling like we had a responsibility to the people to bring that aspect to the television screen.”

Papoose and Remy Ma CNikky

What are your personal goals for your future together?


“I just want to continue to grow together. There’s so many levels and layers to a solid relationship.  And I know that the more we can maintain our unity the brighter our future can be.  Cause if you with somebody and ya’ll are married, you can genuinely grow together if you stay away from the distractions and the nosy people that are in your business, ya’ll can grow together.  I mean it’s unthinkable.  We can be in the same room and have a conversation with each other without saying  words.  When I say that we know each other so well. Like I know what she likes and dislikes and I can make her happy with out talking verbally.  So, in the future I just see us growing, expanding, owning property and things of that nature and you know, having some grand-kids.”

Remy Ma:

“Grand-kids?! We gotta have kids first!  How did we get to grand-kids?  I’m so confused?”

Who are your favorite Hip Hop artist right now?


“To be honest, Fat Joe and Remy Ma are my favorite artist.  To be honest they did the most damage this past couple months.  Their single is platinum, they just killing sh#t and the album they coming out with is gonna be a problem.”

Remy Ma and Cherise Nicole, CNikky

Remy Ma:

“Strangely, I really like them too?  I actually listen to a lot of old school R&B.  I don’t listen to rap.  Like, he’s the type that will drive around listening to himself all day, he’s like super weird.  But, I listen to like, R.Kelly, Mary, Toni Braxton all types of stuff like that is playing while I’m cleaning up or while I’m driving.”

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