Exclusive Interview: Remy Ma & Papoose Say TRUMP is a Clown & Talk No Voting Rights for Ex-Cons

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Remy Ma, Papoose, Cherise Nicole, CNikky

One of Hip Hop’s favorite couple’s would be Love and Hip Hop stars Remy Ma and Papoose.  I recently caught up with the couple and they both spoke candidly about the upcoming Presidential election.  While many people are choosing not to vote at all this election because they don’t like either candidate, Remy reminds us how precious that right is.  She may have lost her right to vote due to her 6 year prison sentence.  In the United States, ex-cons can not vote if they are on probation or incarcerated.  And while this law is as old as the civil rights movement, it still effects the lives of many Americans.

Hip Hop star, Papoose is open about his choice this election and it is definitely not Donald Trump!  Pap explains why Trump is not the right candidate and reminds us that President Obama was a big reason so many young people decided to go to the polls for the first time!

Remy Ma and Cherise Nicole, CNikky

Can you vote this election?

Remy Ma:

“I’m still trying to look into that, I’ve been given different information from different people. The law in New York states that if you’re incarcerated or on parole, that you can’t vote, but considering that I’m not on parole, I’m on something called post release supervision. I have a parole officer that I see at a parole office, but technically on paper it’s called post release supervision, so I’m trying to see what is the rules on that.”

How important is it for people to get out and vote?

Remy Ma:

“I had a lot of people, like Oh, I’m not voting for anybody! Like, not voting for anybody is stupider than voting for the wrong person. You might as well give it up because you really don’t have a say so at all. Pick someone and just go! I’d rather that than the ignorance I’m hearing saying they’re not voting for anybody, that’s just crazy to me. I don’t even know how it’s so hard to pick, but whatever?!”

How do you feel about the upcoming election?


“I’m voting! I voted for Barrack Obama. That was the first time I voted in a long time. And I’m voting this term too! I’m voting for Hillary Clinton! Donald Trump, aside from being a clown, he’s an idiot. And they say it’s all about money and it’s about business but, Bloomberg spoke the other day and he said even in the billionaire circle nobody respects him. He’s known as a clown and a con artist. And everything he talks about is about money. But even in his own successful billionaire circle, they don’t respect him neither! So he’s not really that good of a business man. So , on that note, I’m voting for Hillary!

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