Exclusive Interview: Regina Hall & Harold Perrineau Play Best Man Holiday Trivia!

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Regina Hall & Harold Perrineau 2

Harold Perrineau and Regina Hall certainly had the most un-expected relationship in the first Best Man!  The nerdy guy that falls for the stripper at the Bachelor party and dumps his high strung and overbearing girlfriend, was certainly a welcomed plot twist!  Well, 10 years later (In movie time) Harold (Julian) and Regina (Candy) are married with children and running a charter school in Brooklyn.  While everything appears to be fine, can Candies past…stay in the past?

I asked Regina and Harold, what was their greatest character flaw and the truth is…their flaws sound a lot like issues people go through every day.  But, before they could escape, we had to play ‘The Best Man Minute!’  Let’s just say Regina was ready to play and poor Harold needed to be left on the bench!

What is your characters greatest flaw?

Harold Perrineau (Julian):

“For this particular film, not trusting the relationship that he built. That is his biggest flaw. He didnt trust the love that he built with this beautiful woman and the family that he had.  He slipped.  Sometimes we slip and he slipped.”

Regina Hall (Candy):

“I think mine was my temper, you know, I think that I didn’t take a beat to understand his perspective.  I just kind of went from like zero to like, ‘What did you just say?’ to screaming to ranting!  So, maybe I would just take a second to think and not just react.”

The Best Man Holiday Hits theaters on Friday, November 15th!!

Watch the interview below:


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