Exclusive Interview: Real Housewive’s of Atlanta Demetria McKinney Gets A Surprise From Roger Bobb & Talks Nasty Fight With Phaedra & Nene!

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Demetria McKinney

The Real Housewives of Atlanta has had one of it’s most ratchet season’s yet!  While we are used to the name calling and SHHHHAAAAADDDDEEEE, we hadn’t seen the fireworks between the new member of RHOA, Claudia Jordan and Queens of Shade, Phaedra Parks and Nene Leakes!  When newbie, Demetria McKinney invited the ladies to Puerto Rico, to see her perform her new single, Phaedra threw major shade her way for simply no reason at all! While Demetria attempted to defend herself, her friend Claudia Jordan jumped in to defend Demetria from haters Phaedra and Nene!  And in case you missed it, the read was un-real!!

I caught up with Demetria at the NAACP Image Awards and she had a lot to say about the ridiculous argument!  She also received a little surprise, when her boyfriend, Roger Bobb (who is often a topic on the show, because they are rarely seen together and people talk a lot of trash about him not marrying her after all of their years together) gave her a kiss in the middle of our interview!  Yes, they were there together!  And his response to my request for an interview was hilarious!

Demetria McKinney

What was your reaction when you watched the fight back on television?

“You know, I had a glass of wine, right about here. And I just called Claudia and Cynthia and I was like, ‘Did we just experience that?’ And like, Cynthia’s been in this game forever, so she’s been a great great mentor thru this whole thing. Because otherwise, I might have lost my sense of who I was.”

Has there been any reconciliation between cast mates?

“When you have a group of women on one side, who are successful and happy and they feel kind of complete in who they are, and you have this other side that’s broken, sad confused, mad it’s not gonna mix.”

You didn’t do anything to Phaedra, so people were like, ‘Come on Pha Pha!’

“Everybody was like, C’mon Pha Pha. But, I still pray for her and I hope her situation gets better and she finds the  happiness that she’s missing.”

Demetria then pointed out that her boyfriend, Roger Bobb had escorted her to the awards show.

Demetria McKinney and Roger Bobb

“Did you notice my boo floating around here?

“He’s here, he’s with me, it’s real!”

We need him to put a ring on it!

“When he’s ready, cause we don’t want to get into a situation like the other 8!”

And before we could continue, he man strolled over and planted a surprise kiss on her in the middle of the interview!

She smiled so big and said..

Demetria McKinney

“ooh! He just make me so vulnerable!”

I asked Roger Bobb to come over and talk to us and he refused by using the quote NFL Star Marshawn Lynch made famous…

“I’m just here so I don’t get fined!”


Roger Bobb

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Watch The Interview Below:

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