Exclusive Interview: R&B Divas L.A. Michel’le Explains The Truth About The Dr. Dre & Suge Knight Drama & Kelly Price, Faith & Lil’ Mo Clear Up Rumors

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R&B Divas Los Angeles is finally here!  Our girl Kelly Price is at the helm of this new cast of Divas, including Michel’le, Lil’ Mo, Chante Moore and Claudette Ortiz.  Of course, we can’t forget, that the show would not be in existence, without Executive Producers and creators Faith Evans and Niccii Gilbert.  The first episode of the new franchise, premiered last week to excellent ratings on TV One  and the ladies only gave us a taste of what we can expect to see this season.

RBDivas Premiere

Cherise Nicole (CNikky) and our associates CocoaFab were on the Red Carpet for the Premiere at the London Hotel on the Sunset Strip!  It was great being re-united with our girl Kelly Price, who cleared up the rumors that she will be a villain on the show this season.  It’s hard for us to believe, but Kelly reminded us that people are entitled to their opinion.  E.P. Faith Evans has a different name for Kelly, calling her the ‘Anchor’ of the show.  (We like that title Faith!)  While, we don’t know much about the personal lives of the ladies, the one with an interesting history is Michel’le!  The petite singer was in a long term relationship that produced a son with Dr. Dre.  He also produced her first hit album and brought her with him when he left Ruthless Records and went to Death Row.  After he left Death Row, Michel’le began a relationship and later married the infamous owner of Death Row, Suge Knight.  That marriage ended in divorce, but not before they produced a baby girl.  Michel’le cleared up that scandal for us and the hilarious Lil’ Mo let us know that this season you can expect entertainment and a lot of attitude from the ladies of R&B Divas L.A.  I’m excited!!


Michel’le On If The Show Turned Out To Be What She Expected:

“I thought it was just gonna be a nice family show, about women who were just trying to make it.  And then it turned into reality tv!”

Michel’le addresses the Biggest Misconception About Herself:

“The biggest misconception is, either, I don’t talk this way or that I just jumped from one bed into the other bed and I didn’t do that!  I was trying to teach ya’ll but ya’ll wasn’t trying to learn, so now ya’ll gots to talk!

On The Truth About her Relationship With Dr. Dre & Her Marriage To Suge Knight:

I’m just saying, I cleaned my sheets, I let em’ air out for a few years, so don’t get it twisted.  Well hold on now, he was already engaged….and I had got her up out my bed a few times!  Wait a minute now, way before!  So ya’ll stop trying to read Cosmopolitan and get the Bible!  Cause I’m just saying.  Ya’ll stop trying to let me have it.”

Kelly Price Responds To Rumors About Her Being The Villain on the New Season Of R&B Divas L.A.:

“Everybody’s entitled to their opinion.  I will tell you this, I didn’t make it 21 years being nasty to anybody.  What I am is very truthful.  But you know what, the fact that they’re talking about me, means I’m worth talking about.  I am doing something right.  I’m living my life trying to do something worth talking about.  And so, if they’re talking about it, I’m doing something I’m supposed to do and everybody is not going to like it.”

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Watch the Interview Below:

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