Exclusive Interview: R&B Divas L.A. Dawn Robinson Reveals What Really Happened To EnVogue

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RBDivas Premiere

The ladies from R&B Divas L.A. are back again tonight with their second episode of the season! While audiences are getting an opportunity to get to know some of our favorite songstresses, Cherise Nicole (CNikky) spoke to the ladies during their red carpet premiere at the London Hotel on the Sunset Strip, to find out a few secrets that may be revealed this season!

Dawn Robinson (formerly of EnVogue), Claudette Ortiz (formely of City High) , Chante Moore & Executive Producer, Nicci Gilbert, spoke to CNikky about their relationships with each other and what we can expect to see this season.  They also had a chance to clear up any misconceptions people have about them.  One of the biggest misconceptions being that Dawn Robinson is the reason behind supergroup, EnVogue’s demise.

Dawn Robinson on the biggest misconception about her:

“That I destroyed EnVogue! Single-handedly! All by myself.  That I destroyed this amazing group that the world knew.  Not at all. There were so many problems within the group dynamic.  Two pennies per album, that’s how we started off.  We were  only making that much money.  It was a joke.  Cause we were huge!   And what was worse was that the girls in my group didn’t want to fight to make it better.  A lot of times people are sccared and want to say where they’re at because they don’t think they can fight the big record company.  So, I was the only one saying ‘Hey this is not right!’   So, I would say if Left Eye was alive and she was in the group with me, we would have had a lot more.  She fought.  She didn’t play.”

Wow!  That is so sad.  Greedy record companies once again destroyed one of the greatest groups of all time.

Watch the interview below and check out the ladies every Wednesday night on TV One!


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