Exclusive Interview: Raphael Saadiq Get’s Personal About Music and Wanting to Find True Love

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Raphael Saadiq

Raphael Saadiq is one of the most talented singer/songwriter’s of our generation.  In addition to giving us Tony Toni Tone’, Lucy Pearl and his solo career, he has also written some of the most romantic and soulful songs of all time and now he’s produced his first soundtrack for the film Black Nativity!  In this never before seen, unedited, throwback interview, Saadiq gives us a glimpse into the mind and heart of a musical genius.


While music lovers are familiar with the work of Saadiq, with huge hit songs like, Anniversary, Feels Good, No Loot, I Wanna Dance tonight, Ask of You, Be Here, Lay Your Head on my pillow and It Never Rains In Southern California, main stream audiences may not know his name. Why?

“People say why are you not known? Why people sleeping on you? I never felt like I was being slept on, I always felt like I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. “

Apart of his genius is his sense of style, creative ideas and choice of sound.  But, sometimes, daring to be different can produce naysayers and even bullies.

Has being different ever made people doubt you or make you feel insecure?

“Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of it. Mainly when you’re younger and you’re dressing crazy and doing different things and you hear people saying different things.  But, it never bothered me because I didn’t know I was doing anything different, plus I had a lot of people to learn from and that’s what they did.  They said if you want to be like the great ones you have to do what the great ones do.  You can’t listen to amateurs. I just never listened to amateurs.”

Every time I think of a Saadiq song, it makes me smile or feel romantic. And while most people can attest to the same feeling, it seems the romance has not rubbed off of him!  Believe it or not, he is single (or at least he was at the time of this interview) and we can’t understand why! He is a catch!

Did your song Anniversary make you want to have one with someone special?

“It didn’t do that for me.  I didn’t get married yet, I’m, not married. Maybe it’s like what they say, when you cook your own food everybody ends up eating it  and you never get a chance to eat and that’s what happens. I’m not saying that I won’t get married it just hasn’t happened yet, cause I’m probably getting everybody else married and having kids cause I’m busy cooking it up for everybody else. “

Raphael Saadiqq

What are you looking for in a woman?

“Oh God! I’m a taurus. She gotta be drama free. I can’t have no girl talking about, ‘Do you Boo!’ Somebody cool. You know, like to watch movies, like to read a couple of books, you don’t have to be like some librarian chick that nobody want to bring to the party because you’re too smart.  But, just somebody cool who has their own thing.  Who knows who they are. It’s what everybody should want!”

Check out the full throwback interview below! We love you Raphael!

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