Exclusive Interview: Peeples Premiere! Celebs Talk Proposals “Don’t Put It In The Butt”

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David alan grier peeples

Tyler Perry’s new film, The Peeples Premiered last weekend and we were their for the red carpet celebration!  Cherise Nicole (CNikky) and our associates EURweb spoke to David Alan Grier, Kenya Moore, B.O.B., Tommy Davidson, Robbie Harris, Brian White, Loretta Devine & More about their ideal or worst wedding proposal, their mishaps with bringing people home to meet their family and the sexy songs they put on to get in the mood!

Robbie Harris Peeples

The crazy David Alan Grier, who plays Mr. Peeples in the film, shared a story of the worst proposal he’s ever witnessed:

“Wrong Way To Go.  Have A Really Funny Friend.  This Is What He Did.  Long Time Girlfriend. Wanted to marry her, wanted to ask her. He goes to the bathroom…this is a true story, goes to the bathroom says, wait, wait, wait, come here honey, there’s something wrong with my butt.  Look, he put the ring in his butt. That marriage didn’t last! Don’t do that!  Just be simple, be simple, don’t put it in a glass of wine and drink it and have to boo boo it out!  Just put it on her finger. Express your love in a simple way and fashion and be a good husband. [Don’t Put It In The Butt] Please don’t..That’s After The Marriage!”

Hilarious!  Watch the Interview Below & Be Sure To Support ‘Peeples’ In theatres NOW!

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