Exclusive Interview: Oprah Answers Why Mass Shootings Won’t End & Why Greenleaf Is Necessary!

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Oprah and Cherise Nicole

Interviewing Oprah Winfrey was honestly one of the greatest moments of my life and she did not disappoint! My long time SheRoe is debuting her new show on OWN, entitled ‘Greenleaf,’ and she invited CNikky along for the premiere! The hour long drama airing Tuesday night is about the secrets surrounding a fictional megachurch.  Oprah plays the aunt of the Greenleaf family that owns a local bar and appears to be the black sheep.  I previewed the show and it has the potential to be a popular and possibly controversial new addiction for fans of OWN.  We all know there is a ton of drama going on in black churches and this show promises to bring it all to light!

Oprah and Cherise Nicole

I would suggest that a show about faith is needed in a time where mass shootings, police brutality, blatant racism and terrorism are becoming everyday news.  I wanted to know if people are starting to loose their faith in God’s mercy or is the adverse happening and their faith getting stronger?

Oprah and Cherise Nicole

“I think that there are a group of people, not everybody, so I can’t speak in general for everybody.  But, there’s a group of people who are unconscious. They’re literally unconscious. We have become unaware and numb to the feeling and pain and suffering of other people. And that is why, we can continue to say, ‘Gun’s don’t kill people, it’s people that kill people.’ Because every one of those people is a story, is somebody’s son, is somebody’s daughter, is some life.  And literally in the universal scheme of things everyone is us. And until we become conscious, until we wake up literally…  And what I deeply believe is that there’s a number, there’s a mass number that we have to hit, before we decide, enough is enough and we’re gonna wake up.  We haven’t reached it! Didn’t you think we would’ve reached it in NewTown, when they were shooting babies in the kindergarten class! No, we haven’t reached it.  And people aren’t serious about it.  So people will talk about this now and say ‘we’re sad and we’re sorry for the families,’ but people aren’t ready to make a change.  And until we are, it’s going to continue. That’s what I think.”

It’s sad, but I agree with Oprah.  Until legislatures are ready to do something about gun control, this will keep on happening.  We light a candle today and forget about it tomorrow.  Until it happens again.  May God have mercy on us all.

Oprah and Cherise Nicole

Check out what advice Oprah has that every person should hear in our full interview below!

Greenleaf premieres Tuesday, June 21st at 10pm and Wednesday June 22nd at 10pm on OWN. It will air regularly at 10pm on Wednesdays.

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