Exclusive Interview: Nicci Gilbert Talks Lessons From R&B Divas, Self Esteem, Curvato, & Why Hollywood Needs To Understand A REAL Woman’s Body!

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CNikky caught up with R&B Diva star and Executive Producer Nicci Gilbert at RNB Live In North Hollywood, CA.  The fabulous former Brownstone singer stopped to talk to Cherise Nicole about what she learned about herself during the filming of season 1 of R&B Divas, what we can expect from the branching out of R&B Divas, why she started her curvy woman’s clothing line Curvato,  her battles with self esteem and why the industry needs to catch up with the reality that most woman are curvy!

This past week, it has been reported that Nicci was released from the show R&B Divas, apparently because she was the fans least favorite cast member. (This interview was filmed a few days before the rumors began) While we can not confirm if this is true, it is hard to believe that Nicci (being one of the 2 Executive Producers of the show) would be blind-sided by this.  If she is not returning for season 2 of the popular TV One show, we’re sure it was on her own terms.

Honestly, because of this interview, I have a different perspective of Ms. Gilbert.  She may have seemed tough and a bit high strung on the show, but as she explained, she was so worried about making sure the content they were producing was not negative, that she didn’t allow herself to just be a friend and enjoy doing the show.  With so many reality shows portraying black woman fighting, cussing and acting crazy, I can understand her being protective over her show and overly cautious about what the cast members were saying and doing.   But it seems as though she realized her choices were not always right and it would be great to see her direction change in season 2.  Hopefully, she will come back for season 2.

I enjoyed this interview so much!  It’s great to meet someone that has the same viewpoints about the industry’s definition of what’s sexy.  The majority of women do have curves and that is what’s healthy!  As Nicci said “The average woman’s size is in the double digits.”  So many of us suffer from low self esteem, because we are trying to live up to impossible and un-healthy standards.  Thank You Nicci for being a role-model and creating a sexy  line of clothing for women with curvy bodies.  To purchase Curvato clothes CLICK HERE.

Watch our interview below:


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