Exclusive Interview: Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan & Taye Diggs Talk Pressure About Aging In Hollywood & The Best Man Holiday!

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nia long, sanna lathan, taye diggs with cherise nicole

It’s Best Man Holiday Premiere Week!  We’ve got exclusive interviews all week with the cast and the director!  First up…it’s Jordan, Harper and Robyn!  Yes, I sat down with the fabulous Nia Long, Taye Diggs and Sanaa Lathan who opened up about not giving in to the pressure of aging in Hollywood.  We’ve grown up with these actors and it has been a long 14 years since the first Best Man hit movie screens across the globe.  Now, both the actors and the characters have grown and matured into different people.  We may remember Nia Long as a preppy high school senior in ‘Boyz In The Hood,’ Sanna Lathan as a fiesty high school basketball player in ‘Love & Basketball’ and Taye Diggs as a young chef who decides to move to the US to go to college in ‘How Stella Got Her Groove Back’…but now they are all grown up, playing parents and executives and looking better than ever!

In addition to the cast reminding us that we only get better with age, I had to have a little fun with them…CNikky style.  Which cast member couldn’t remember what school Monica went to in Love & Basketball?  What movie did we see Nia Long jogging through the neighborhood in a sports bra?  You have to watch the interview to find out!!

Have you felt pressure from Hollywood about aging?

Sanaa Lathan:

“I was raised with a mother that really didn’t fight aging and she’s so beautiful I think partially because of that.  For me it’s about keeping your heart open and keeping your innocence.  Life is gonna get all of us. It’s gonna throw all of us curve balls and we’ll have our struggles but for me it’s about not getting bitter, cause if you’re bitter, it will show in here (face).  So, because of that…”

Sanaa Lathan and her mother Eleanor Mccoy
Sanaa Lathan and her mother Eleanor Mccoy

Taye Diggs:

“You just use a little botox?”

Sanna Lathan:

“I don’t use botox! I’m not saying I never will use botox but I have not used botox up until this point!”

Taye Diggs:

“You haven’t used it today!”

Nia Long:

“It’s all about your mindset.  I don’t really want to be who I was at 30.  I like myself so much more now that I’m in my 40’s than I did 10 years ago.  And it’s because I’ve made some mistakes, I’ve made great choices, I’ve become a mom, I have a career and I’ve actually manifested some of my dreams and so when you get to 40 it’s kind of like, ‘Oh my gosh! I can actually really do this! I’m actually in control of my life.’ And so that resonates in your work.  And that sense of groundedness and those strong characters they always ask me to play. And you know when I was 30 and I had to play them it was a little bit more uncomfortable, but now, playing an executive is kind of easy because it do it in my own life….I’m a Boss B#tch!!”

Love it!!

 The Best Man Holiday Premieres This Friday, November 15th!! Make sure you go see it!!

Watch the interview below:

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