Exclusive Interview: Nas Talks Illmatic, Hip Hop & His Clothing Line with Ghostbusters

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Nas and Cherise Nicole

Nassir Jones, aka Nas is arguably one of the greatest rappers of all time.  While he is a pioneer in the game and one of the best lyricist to ever pick up a microphone, he is entering the fashion and merchandising part of the business long after his peers, Jay Z and Diddy among others.  Nas is officially launching his clothing line called HSTRY in partnership with none other than the new Ghostbusters franchise.  It sounds crazy, but he has been a fan of the Ghostbusters movies since he was a small child.  So, when the opportunity presented itself, he jumped on board and created a line of shirts, jackets, pants, shoes and hats that carry his label, but embody the Ghostbusters theme.

Nas And Cherise Nicole

I caught up with him at the launch of HSTRY at Fred Segal in Hollywood.  We spoke about the new clothing line and what advice he would give himself about the music business before he released his first album.

“I think really, pre Illmatic, my first album, I think I don’t know? To me all of us of that generation was thinking about all of this stuff.  This is not nothing new.  We knew, all of us knew that we would do all of this stuff.  So, it’s just surprising to the rest of the world.  I think that we’re grateful and happy that we can get in there and make it happen, but that’s what hip hop’s about.  Now, our generation is about going after it.  So, I was in this head space at like third grade man! Dead Ass.  Like everybody I know from this generation had had their heads in this area like way before.”

I love him.  When he walked up, he said ‘Hey Ma!’ and I almost passed out.  So cute!  Nas’ clothing line is in stores now and Ghostbusters hits theaters everywhere this weekend!

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