Exclusive Interview: Morris Chestnut Talks Rosewood Getting Some “Cookie” From Empire’s Taraji P. Henson!

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Morris Chestnut and Cherise Nicole

I don’t think there’s a woman on earth that wouldn’t want to get a piece of the sexy Morris Chestnut!  Well, now every Wednesday night at 8pm on FOX, we can all drool for an hour during his new show, Rosewood! I had the pleasure of joining Morris on a set visit and I took full advantage of the perks. I know my CNikky Knacks could not be there, so I thought I’d let you live vicariously thru me and I laid in his bed, got in his tub, sniffed around in his closet, used his toothbrush, I even drank from his cup in the kitchen…and it was great!

Cherise Nicole on the Rosewood Set


Cherise Nicole on the Rosewood Set CNIkky


Cherise Nicole on the Rosewood Set

Morris plays a pathologist, which is a person that conducts autopsy’s on dead people and determines how they died. Fortunately for us, Rosewood comes on at 8pm, right before Empire at 9pm! So, I wanted to know, if Rosewood was to guest star on Empire, who’s body would he be examining?? Lucious perhaps?


“He would definitely examine all of Cookies body!  Ya know? I’m not saying she would be dead!  But, he can’t wait to get over there to Empire and see what Cookie got on up underneath all of those fur coats and all the stuff she be having on!  You know what I mean?!”

Hilarious!  And for my Spanish speaking mamacitas, I asked Morris, since the show is based in Miami, Florida, if he speaks any Espanol?

“Ci’, grande mucho!”

That’s SO sexy….Be sure to tune in every Wednesday night at 8pm on FOX for Rosewood!

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