Exclusive Interview: Morris Chestnut Suprises Fans Watching Best Man Holiday!

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Cherise Nicole and Morris Chestnut

This week was the highly anticipated opening weekend for The Best Man Holiday!  The film featuring some of our favorite stars smashed the box office with a 30 million dollar opening.  On Friday night alone the film grossed 10 million dollars beating out the action blockbuster Thor!  While moviegoers bought tickets and packed theaters across the country, there was one actor from the film that wanted to go to the theaters to thank his fans personally…..Morris Chestnut!  CNikky was lucky enough to be asked to come along and be apart of the surprise.

morris chestnut and cherise nicole

Thanks Morris!

I went to the Rave Theater at Baldwin Hills to meet up with Morris and give unsuspecting fans the surprise of their lives.  Fans went crazy!! Screaming, jumping out of their chairs, chasing him to his car and banging on the windows during our interview.  It was great!  I spoke to Morris about his favorite part of filming, doing those sexy dance moves for his wife and the difficulties of being a dark skinned black actor in Hollywood.  Before we left, he did confirm that they are working on the script for Best Man 3!!  And…he made me do the dance sequence from the movie.  Watch below to see if I nailed the moves.

Here are a few quotes from the interview:

What has been the response so far?

“I love it when people tell me that they cry in the movie.  They’ve been crying a lot so..not that I like to see people cry, I just know that they’re affected.”

How does your wife feel about all of your female fans?

“She knows I’m always coming home to her!”

Do you do any of the dance moves from the movie for your wife?

“Well, she’s seen all the dance moves!  Every one, vertical, horizontal, she’s seen em’ all!”

What are you going to say to the fans watching the movie tonight?

“I’m gonna thank them for coming out. You know I really appreciate people coming out.  Anytime they support any project that I’ve done, but now, this is opening weekend so, I really appreciate them supporting opening weekend”

Don’t forget to head to theaters to support one of the best movies out this year; Best Man Holiday!!


Watch the interview below:

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