Exclusive Interview: Morris Chestnut & Monica Calhoun Talk Regrets From Best Man Holiday

Posted by: cnikky

morris chestnut and monica calhoun

Morris Chestnut and Monica Calhoun are the reason that all of our favorite characters get together one more time!  The very handsome Morris Chestnut (Lance) is the football star by day and devoted father and husband by night.  Monica Calhoun (Mia) is the dedicated housewife with a secret that may tear their world apart…once again.  While the couple seemed picture perfect, something serious was brewing in the sequel to the classic film, The Best Man.  I sat down with the on-screen couple to find out, why they can’t seem to get it right.  We wanted to know, in The Best Man Holiday, what is your characters greatest flaw?

What would you say was your characters greatest flaw?

Morris (Lance):

“My character was perfect!  There was no flaw!”

Monica (Mia):

“Holding on to…”

Morris (Lance):

“Yeah, holding on to things that happened in the past and not being able to easily forgive and move on, that would be my characters greatest flaw.”

Monica (Mia):

“I could say that she allowed herself to give up…..I could say that.”


Watch The Interview Below:


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