Exclusive Interview: Mindless Behavior Talks Bullying,Tamar & Vince,& Being Grown & Swexy

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Mindless Behavior


If you have a tween or know a young person between the age of 4 and 16, you probably have heard about the phenomenon that is…Mindless Behavior.  The “Mr. Right” L.A. boy band, comprised of Prodigy, Princeton, Ray Ray and Roc Royal, has all the young girls going crazy!    The handsome young men are managed by Vince Herbert (Tamar & Vince, Lady Gaga), and  he has sucessfully had the group on their own tour, opening up for the Scream Tour, selling platinum records and performing at the official Inaugural Ball. (Yes, Sasha and Malia Obama are huge fans as well!)

Cherise Nicole (CNikky) and our associates EURweb spoke to the group during the NAACP Image Awards.  The boys wanted us to know that they are no longer children…

“We’re all about the mature side of Mindless Behavior now. You know we’re all older, so we gotta give you the grown man, Ya know!”

The guys were there to support their label mates, the OMG Girlz, who were nominated for the first time.  They talked about their manager Vincent Herbert and they told us what Tamar Braxton is like when the cameras stop rolling!

When we asked them how they felt about a serious subject, Bullying, they responded:

“I think it’s the worse thimg ever.  You know alot of kids they started commiting suicide and doing things like that over it.  I just have to say, stop theu bullying, that’s all that really matter and go and tell someone.  I think our Mindless Movement stands for that. We all have our techniques that we bring to the group and I was actually bullied in school, so I re-invented myself into Princeton so I’m glad to have a bigger voice to you know..be an influence.”


We also asked them what it was like shooting their new video with Director Erik White (GLEE, GLEE Project Lottery Ticket).  They spoke about what they like about Erik who has also directed videos for Chris Brown, Diddy, Marcus Canty, T.I., Twista and many more. (CNikky loves Erik, such a nice guy!)  Listen to what they say and watch below for the behind the scenes sneak peek of their new video!


Watch the interview below:

Watch the Behind The Scenes of their video below:

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