Exclusive Interview: Michelle Williams Talks ‘Say Yes’ & Answering God’s Call

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Michelle Williams


Michelle Williams is one third of Destiny’s Child, a successful solo Gospel artist and a television host.  The pretty lady who completed DC3 is back on the charts with her new Inspirational single, ‘Say Yes,’ featuring Beyonce’ and Kelly Rowland.  And I have to admit I LOVE the song!

Destinys Child

If you’ve ever been afraid to follow your destiny because the road ahead seemed impossible, this song is for you!  I caught up with Michelle recently and she shared with me, what they song meant to her and her fans.

“To me it’s becoming my own personal declaration.  You know, regardless of what you say, if Jesus says Yes, if he opens the door, then I’m gonna walk through it and I’m gonna be good.  And I just think that, it inspires so many people.  I’ve gotten tweets, instagram messages from so many people from different religions and beliefs! That are like, Yo, I don’t even believe in Jesus, but you have me saying and singing this song.  And I’m like man, this is the cool thing about people that are like, ‘Oh Michelle, you have a calling on your life, you’re supposed to be an evangelist. ‘ And people limit that to the pulpit, instead of, what about just music.  What about just singing the song, shooting the video and letting it touch people’s lives? I had a girl send me a private message on instagram saying that this song has helped strengthen her faith.  And I’m just like, that’s what music is supposed to do.  Is strengthen you, inspire you and push you to excellence.”

Destinys Child

I also had the privilege of taking a listen to Michelle’s album, that will be released this fall and it is fire! You can pick up her single, ‘Say Yes,’ on iTunes and be sure to look out for Michelle on her new show on Oxygen, ‘Fix My Choir,’ where Michelle will travel around the country and intervene on church choirs that need help! Michelle can also be seen hosting the re-union show for the popular series, ‘Preachers of L.A.!’

Watch The Interview Below:

Watch The Video for Say Yes Below:


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