Exclusive Interview: Michelle Williams Talks Destinys Child Relationship Mistakes, New Music & New Reality Show

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michelle williams


Michelle Williams has stepped out on her own and experienced success!  The lovely songstress and former member of super group Destinys Child has become a Broadway star, Gospel Star and now has her own reality show with here sisters titled ‘My Sisters Keeper.’  Her new single ‘If we had your eyes,’ is on fire and we are so excited to be apart of her journey!

Cherise Nicole (CNikky) and our associates at CocoaFab, caught up with Ms. Williams during Debra Lee’s Pre- BET Awards Party.  We spoke about new music, her reality show and relationship mistakes Michelle, Beyonce’ and Kelly have made and what they’ve learned from them!

What’s going on with your reality show:

“We have a possible situation.  I’m very nervous about it, that’s why I don’t speak about it. “

People listen to your records and look to Destinys Child For Relationship Advice!

“Don’t look to us, cause we not perfect.  We have had some doseys in our lives, so don’t look to us!”

What relationship advice would you give to yourself:

“Pay attention to what the gut says.  If the gut says run, run. If the gut says go left, go left . Intuition works.  It helps you. Everybody’s got to take detours in life.  But sometimes have you…have you ever just done something that your gut says do.  Then you were like, I see why!  I’m so greatful that I followed my gut.”

Watch the interview below:

Check out her new single, ‘If we had your eyes’:



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