Exclusive Interview: Michel’le Speaks On Suge Knight Murder Saga, R&B Divas, NWA Biopic & Bobbi Kristina!

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Michel'le and Cherise Nicole

Michel’le debuted her biopic on Lifetime this weekend, entitles ‘Surviving Compton: Michel’le, Suge and Dre.  It told the story of her tumultuous life with Dre, NWA and Suge.  Here is a flashback from one of our interviews with her, when she addresses the Straight Outta Compton biopic and her current relationship with Suge Knight. Enjoy!


Our girl, Michel’le has never been one to hold her tongue and we love her for it!  The star of R&B Divas LA was on hand for the 2015 NAACP Image Awards and she stopped by to share her thoughts on several things we’ve been wondering about! In addition to returning for season 3 of R&B Divas L.A. , we had to ask the ex-girlfriend of Suge Knight about her thoughts on his recent arrest for the murder and attempted murder of his two friends.  She also dished on her part in the NWA biopic and she shared her thoughts on the possible attempted suicide of Bobbi Kristina Brown.

How do you feel about what’s going on with Suge Knight?

“I don’t feel anything!  I’m not his girlfriend!  Just to clear that up!  Let me clear that up girl!  That’s 10 years gone bye bye!  I know, but you know what?  It’s really unfortunate and ironic because he’s lived his whole life of people just saying he was this bad guy, and that one split second, he changed a lot of lives.  You know, he really did. And the bad thing about it for me,  is that, my daughter Bailey, she gets to go visit him.  But, the Carter’s don’t get to go visit their child.  so, it touched all of our families, changed our lives forever.”

Suge Knight and his daughter with Michel'le

How is your daughter dealing with this?

“She’s fantastic!  I’ve been raising her to be stern.  What was I gonna do?  I was dating him!  She was 2 years old going, why am I seeing this mommy?  Casuse you ton’ need it one day, and that day is here.”

What is your role in the NWA biopic, Is someone playing you?

“I’ve been told so many different stories.  I’ve been told I’m in there a little bit, then I was told I’m not in there. “

Did you shoot any scenes in the film?

“No! Of course they didn’t use the real people because we would tell the truth!  You can’t be having the truth in no movies!  Now you know that! So, I don’t really know if my character made it.  Because it’s really Cube’s version of the story.”

Michel'le and Cherise Nicole

Michel’le also spoke on the possible suicide attempt by Bobbi Kristina Brown.  Since, she herself spoke about about her attempt at suicide, she wanted us to know that deep depression is not easily overcome.

You’ve gone through a similar depression as Bobbi Kristina, how do you come through that?

“It’s a process, cause it just doesn’t go away like people think it does.  It just doesn’t come upon you one day and you go, Oh!  It’s something that you work at.  My mother and my grandmother died 5 years ago and I’m still…matter of fact I just started mourning.  You know what I mean?  Because you try to be strong.  I try to be strong for my daughter.  And then one day you just have to face it.  It is what it is.”

Love her honesty.  R&B Divas L.A. returns to TV One this spring for season 3!  Michel’le has new dance music featuring 90’s star Crystal Waters, available on iTunes now!

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