Exclusive Interview: Mehgan James & Jackie Christie Talk Haters, Plastic Surgery & Basketball Wives LA Season 4!

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Mehgan James and Jackie Christie from Basketball Wives LA have a lot to say when it comes  to haters, cheating men and their insecurities.  During the 3rd and final part of our interview, the ladies opened up to their fans about how it feels when haters attack them on social media and their true thoughts about cheating men.  It was no surprise that Jackie Christie would have No parts of a cheating man and she would divorce Doug Christe with the quickness (although we hope that never happens!)  And while Mehgan James desires a relationship much like Jackie’s and Doug’s she doesn’t see if happening for her anytime soon.  Why?  Because according to her most young men are dogs!

Both women have experienced their share of hate on social media.  I wanted to know if the negativity ever gets to them and Jackie reminded us of the block button! In addition to learning Jackie’s blocking techniques, the ladies shed some light on their own insecurities both past and present and how they’re working to overcome them.

Check Out a few highlights below:

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You said if Doug ever cheated on you, you’d divorce him.  Why?


“If a woman allows herself to be treated that way, they’ll keep doing it.  You have to demand your respect and you have to give him a reason not to want to cheat.  And telling him he can’t do it is the wrong thing to say.  It’s almost like reverse psychology.  It’s just if you’re happy her and you wanna be here and were having fun and enjoying ourselves, great! Communication is a definite.  You have to have that as a foundation.  Cause I have to know, if there’s something he feels he is missing, I have to provide that for him.  And visa versa. I just feel like I’ve been Blessed.  It hasn’t always been perfect, but when we got married he said, ‘You will never have to worry about anything happening and I never have.”

Megan James, Cherise Nicole, Jackie Christie

Do you want that kind of relationship for yourself?


“Yes, but I don’t ever see it happening for me.  I just feel like all guys….we’ll not all guys, but every guy that I’m interested in is a dog.  I shouldn’t be interested in the wrong kind of guy, they should just treat you right. I’m still young and in my age range everyone’s just trying to figure out what they want. And it’s kind of hard to take anyone serious at this point in my life.  So, I’m just trying to figure out what I want.”

Does it hurt your feelings when people troll social media just to hate on you?


“It used to, to be honest with you and I used to get real mad and sometimes I’d go back at em.’ But, I just decided, I’ve put my life out there publicly, so I have to let them be in here.  But, I can use my block button!  I read the first line and if I see B or You Mutha F…I just Click Click, Block Block and I just block them! Every once in a while, they will say something that hits a nerve and I then I have to say something, because total disrespect is not going to be appreciated or accepted here, so I’ve blocked about 500 people this season alone.  Thousands in the prior season.”

What’s your greatest insecurity and how did you overcome it and learn to love yourself?


“So, being a black woman, when I was younger, high school and college, I was black and I ain’t have no curves.  No butt, no boobs and I had a really really big insecurity about not having curves.  Like, I didn’t want to be flat! So, I’m a pro-advocate for plastic surgery.  So, I got all my fat sucked out and put in my butt.  And then I got my boobs done and it made me happy.  So, if you have anything wrong with yourself, fix it!  I don’t understand why people are so weird about people getting plastic surgery?  If someone is not happy with themselves and they have the coin to get it fixed, get it fixed!”


I love it that the ladies were open and honest. Many young girls  look up to these women and watch their every move. It’s important that they know that celebrities struggle with the same things we do, cheating spouses, bullies and insecurities about their bodies and personalities.  No one is perfect, so please don’t try to live up to the glitz and glamour of reality tv.  It’s not real.  It’s made for your entertainment only.  The beautiful people you see on your tv have hair and make up teams, great lighting and plastic surgery.  But, when the cameras shut off, they are human,  Just like you.

Basketball Wives LA airs Sunday nights on VH1!  Watch our great interview below and subscribe!

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