Exclusive Interview: Meagan Good & Craig Robinson Talk ‘Minority Report & Mr. Robinson’, Marriage & Dijon Talton!

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Meagan Good and Dijon Talton

The fabulous Meagan Good is not only beautiful, sweet, talented and happily married…her acting career is also on fire!  Mrs. Devon Franklin has been booking one gig after the other in the past few years and now she has 2 shows on network tv!  My buddy Craig Robinson spoke to us 2 years ago about his pilot for his very own show.  Well, it has finally come into fruition and Meagan Good is his co-star!  The show loosely based on his life before his acting career is about a music teacher who is trying to win back his old flame and Meagan is that love interest!  It’s a comedy and both stars have proven that comedy is there sweet spot. Oh…and Craig tells us there will be singing (he can SANG!) and this is definitely not the same show as the ‘Steve Harvey Show!’ Love Him.  Check out my past interview with Craig below!


Meagan also is the star of the Steven Spielberg produced ‘Minority Report!’  They are bringing the movie Tom Cruise made famous to television and Meagan will take over Tom’s role as the super cop that is out to save the world and stop crime before it happens.  I caught up with Meagan at the premiere of Brotherly Love where she was there to support the film along with her talented and handsome cousin Dijon Talton.  Many of you may remember Dijon from Glee, or perhaps you may follow his music career.  But, without giving anything away, let’s just say that he has something huge coming our way.  Before the year is over, everyone will know his name and face.  He is definitely a talent on the rise….

Click here to see Dijon’s music video, directed by Meagan Good and starring our other friends Hosea Chanchez and Logan Browning!

Meagan Good and Dijon Talton

Check out a few snippets from our interview and scroll down to watch the interview and the trailer for Minority Report!

“Mr. Robinson, that one is about a struggling musician. Who ends up running into his high school sweetheart that he left alone for prom and she now has become a teacher. So, he becomes a music teacher at the school she’s at to try to win her affections. So, it’s a mix of a bunch of different ideas, but it’s nothing that you’ve seen before. A little bit more of an adult version, but it’s funny and it’s also family.”

Meagan Good

“And then Minority Report is a re-boot of the actual movie. It takes place literally 10 years after the movie ends, it still had the pre-cogs in it. Basically it picks up where my character, the role of the Tom Cruise character as the detective who’s about justice and wants to see the right thing happen. And her father died when she was a little girl and she feels that if the pre-crime was around it could’ve stopped that. And she ends up teaming up with one of the pre-cogs, one of the two twins! It’s really really cool and crazy, lots of action!”

Minority Report premieres on Fox and Mr. Robinson premiere this coming August!  And look out for a big announcement about our friend Dijon Talton….Congrats to them both and be sure to support with your viewership!

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