Exclusive Interview: MCM The Breaks Stars Antoine Harris & Sinqua Walls Dish on Relationships & Why All Girls Want A Thug!

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Our Man Crush Monday goes to the sexy stars of VH1’s The Breaks, Sinqua Walls and Antoine Harris!  I’m sure many of you want to know if these men are single and the truth is….I don’t know?  They both remain tight lipped despite all of my efforts to drag it out of them (which probably means they are NOT single!) However, they did give us the tea on what they “like” and it is quite entertaining.  Be sure to watch the end of the interview to find out!

Antoine Harris plays Ahm on The Breaks, the misunderstood thug rapper, who will not let his walls down for anyone or anything!  Now, ladies….many of you love a project and nothing can make you feel more accomplished than gaining the affections of a hard core thug!  But, be prepared to be hurt in the process!  I spoke to Walls and Harris about relationships and they opened up about why they feel all girls prefer a thug over a nice guy!  The duo referenced one of our other favorite shows, Insecure on HBO, where Issa Rae’s character, cheated on Jay Ellis’ character (Lawrence) who was the nice ambitious guy, with the more hardcore music producer.

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“Girls, they’re married to the guy that they don’t want to be with!  They’re looking at their husband like, ‘He is not a thug. Why couldn’t I just be with…Ugh!’  You know, I watch Insecure.  I saw what happened.  I saw who she chose. “


“Lawrence out here, got dreams, ambitions, goals, nobody cares.  If he don’t got a record…”


“You gotta be quiet about your goals these days.  You gotta be an ambitious dude, but not talk about it.  You gotta keep it on the low!”

“Lawrence over here covering his books.  She’s like, what you doing? Nothing, about to hit the gym.  No highlighter out or anything! He covered the highlighter up! Hide the highlighter!”

Who can forget one of this seasons most memorable moments when Antoine’s character, Ahm, got into an ice bath with his best friends baby, in order to help him get his temperature down.  While, it was the sweetest we’ve ever seen Ahm, it was also memorable because even though he stripped down, he left his socks on when he got into the water.  Why can’t thugs show their feet?!


“Ladies, you know what’s good!  You don’t see thugs outside with flip flops on and no socks! “


“If you got a flip flop on, she’s not messing with him.  You want him with the Timbs.”

In addition to schooling us about Thug Life, the two broke down the rules of having a conversation on the phone verses text messaging.

Do guys still pick up the phone and call girls?


“Sometime.  It’s just a problem when people that should be texting you, want to call. And people that should be calling want to text.  Know which one you are.”


“People don’t know the time and the place.  Text me and ask if I’m available to talk later.  I don’t want. ‘Hey can I ask you a question?’ What’s the question?! Cause now you’re asking me two questions and I’m not a good multitask-er.”

“The worst is when people try to face time you.  What are you doing that you can face time me in the middle of the day? And now I know that you don’t care about me.  You’re not invested in me as a person cause you’re trying to take me away from being my best self at the end of the day.  You’re taking me out the moment.  I can’t grow.  Which brings me back to my point, they want them thugs!”

These two are hilarious! You can see more of them on Monday nights at 10pm on The Breaks on VH1!

Watch the interview below and be sure to catch the last two minutes, when they reveal what makes them eligible to be our Man Crush Monday!


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