Mar 6, 2014

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Exclusive Interview: Mary Mary Reveal Why They Split Up & Talk New Season Of Their Show!

Mary Mary

Mary Mary is back with an epic season 3 for their self titled reality show on We TV!  This season is proving to be the most explosive season yet, but unlike most reality shows, there is no script, just real life drama!  The end of last season had fans shocked and saddened when the Gospel duo had an enormous fight and decided to part ways.  Season 3 opens with the harsh reality that Tina’s husband Teddy has committed adultery, their manager Mitchell seems to be on the outs and Erica is fully committed to her solo career.

I had the amazing opportunity to spend time with the ladies on the set of the Arsenio Hall show, where they made their first appearance on the famous grey couch!  The ladies gave me nothing but honesty during our 3 part interview. (Thanks Ladies!)  We spoke in great detail about infidelity and Erica’s solo career.  But, first we had to find out what we can expect this season and what is really going on with the break up of our favorite Gospel Group!

Erica Campbell Mary Mary & CHerise Nicole

How are you doing both as a group and as sisters?


“As sisters we good.  We grew up fighting and loving each other our whole lives.  That ain’t gonna ever last.  As soon as the camera’s turn off and we sitting there, I’m going, ‘So how you feel?’ ‘what we doing?’”


“And I might say shut up don’t talk to me until tomorrow.’


“And guess what?  I won’t talk to her until tomorrow.  You give the people the space that they need.  And you feel respected because sometimes we try to force people to fix stuff at a time that they’re not ready to fix it.  Just let them live their life, you know what I mean? Just let em go do what they do.  And if they extend the olive branch, to get it right, then you make it right.  I want to make sure that all of my sisters are at birthday parties, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I never want it to get so bad, that my whole life has to shift because I don’t know how to say I’m sorry.  Or, we don’t know how to repair that gap.  If Mary Mary never did another record, Erica and Tina gonna always be good.  Point Blank Period!”


“When you’re unfulfilled individually, it’s really hard to be a good contributor to a unit.  And Erica wanted to do some of her own things creatively, I wanted to be at home a little more.  I’m sick of rocking babies, airplanes and microphones!  Just let me breathe!  And I love what I do, I Love who I sing about and I’m like, this passion done died.  And I know I don’t want to do nothing else but this.  That means I need to take a minute.”

Mary Mary & Cherise Nicole

The ladies then addressed what often times happens to other groups that don’t stop and take a break from each other.


“We see so many of our incredible groups that we’ve loved over time, break-up.  And then you see them on TV One’s Unsung and you notice like, ‘They never said sorry for what happened at that award show 25 years ago!’ “


“Then, they sitting up at the funeral, crying and dying and trying to have a whole conversation with a dead body.  And we ain’t finna rock it that way!”

Mary Mary airs every Thursday night on We TV!

Watch The Interview Below:

  1. Ms. Pat says:

    Tina I never miss your show and love you and your sister. I can see the love you have for your husband in your smiling face.There is no fault in taking your husband back and making it. He is a man and sometimes they think with the wrong head. Keep praying and God will work it out. I will keep you and Teddy in my prayers. Erica I am not forgetting you so I NEED MORE JESUS TOO. WHAT GOD HAS PLANNED NO ONE CAN CHANGE IT.

    • cremela says:

      I liked the show and was very angry to see that Erica was going solo….my question is. WHERE IS GOD in all this????. did you all pray regarding this split or was this just a business decision. I see all these reality shows. if you are all Christians…did you all pray about this split??? you guys are in ministry for GOD not for Tina I am praying for your strength, marriage and ministry, family. god bless you all. I see Erica husband calls everything that happens… did he pray about this situation…he is the head of the family…did he seek GOD??

      • Sounds like a judgmental response…you can’t worry about what someone else does before God. You are accountable for yourself. Maybe they did pray about it, that’s not your business nor would you know anyway if it happened or not. So many people look at Christians to be this PERFECT example and no one is perfect. We all fall short and have things we need to work on. The truth is we all should go to God first in all we do and most people don’t but what’s the purpose of me looking at what others are or are not doing and I am not perfect myself. They made up and they support each other with love and that’s all that matters to us as viewers. Everything is just gossip and judgement…which is a sin. Also try not to be angry about a life choice, we all grow up differently and change. So if Tina decided to never sing again the other one should follow suit? I don’t think so. I like her album and think its a blessing that she continued in her music ministry even through the hard times…remember the purpose.

        Also none of this written statement was written in attitude anger.

        • jhischild says:

          I really dont like the split i think they are stronger together and the Lord has been pleased with the unity of these ladies for many years, but if Erica doesnt at lease try to fulfill her dream she might regret her sister in the long run. Tina is a strong amazing woman and I have been where she is with the mate and I understand her pain and the cut goes real deep.. We are survivors I pray for her strength as well as her husband. I feel Erica husband pushed her away from Mary Mary and at the wrong time,but its not my business I’m have too much to focus on between me and my relationship with my heavenly Father. I do pray Erica doesnt lose sight of the needs of her children (speaking as a Minister that at one point didnt balance out the preacher and the mom and God had to refocus me.)Our children need us as much as the people we minister too, and they need a mother more. Ladies I wish you the best in whatever the Lord has planned for you both I will miss you as a team.

  2. Hi There
    Mary Mary are both very attractive married ladies and as Gospel artists I don’t understand why one of the sisters feels the need to reveal her cleavage, she is georgious already revealing such just helps stumble weak men who may start fantasizing with her body which is a sin in the good book which says if you think of fornicating you’ve as good as committed the sin, folk who profess to stand for the Lord need consider being willing to obey what he says,surely they don’t need that kind of publicity, just saying siJb

    • This is the problem with the church today, too many are trying to cast stone and judge things they have no business judging. Erica, apparently the being revealing, can wear whatever she wants. You have no say in what other people do, just as she as no say in those supposed “weak men” who fantasize about her base off her clothing. Get off your religious horse, religion will still get you in hell, God is what saves us. It’s about a relationship with Him, not following religious beliefs and judging others when we all are at fault.

      • jhischild says:

        I understand we should not judge anyone on their outter wear, but keep it holy for I am holy saith the Lord. We can dress modest and still be sexy without showing things. I love both ladies I pray they dont split. Erica love the songs but I just thing you are stronger with your Sister, but lady I understand do you and be you love ya.

  3. Michelle says:

    Mary Mary should not break up. I believe both should take a brake, but not split up. To have this gift and opportunity and not continue Mary Mary is crazy.!!

  4. Erica and Tina every prosperous company or group sometimes have to “land the plane” for maintenance……. Refuel, restore, revive, rethink, and recommit! I love you ladies to pieces .

  5. Capricorn119 says:

    I pray that if Mary Mary has part ways, that they continue to bless us with their television show! PLEASE………. AMEN!!

  6. Mary Mary are very inspiring women inspite all that they are going through and that’s life and I don’t think that just because they are ‘celebrities’ that they should be separated from other people because they are famous. there are millions of people in this world who go through the same things and sometimes no body knows about. This break up and the stuff that Tina may be going through may be God testing them. I think in the bible was it Job, he had everything the flocks, wife house family and the devil wanted to touch Job but God said don’t touch him but touch anything else,and when everything was destroyed the wife turned and said curse God and die but you know what Job had so much love for God and he knew what god was capable of but you know what in his situation he still loved God. You could guess what happened next job was able to get back everything that had been destroyed and plus it was far better. Erica as you go through out your solo career I pray that god will strengthen you throughout your journey as for your music it’s amazing and for Tina all we can say is prayer because God is the only one who knows your future, you just need to be strong. Think of this time as positive as you can the positive will get you somewhere but the negative will make you give up. Don’t ever give up. I love you guys.


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