Exclusive Interview: Love & Hip Hop’s Cardi B Talks Her Man, DJ Self, Weaves & Her Rap Career!

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Cardi B and Cherise Nicole

A new season of Love and Hip Hop New York begins tonight! New interviews with Remy Ma and Papoose coming next Monday! In the meantime, here’s our exclusive with break out star Cardi B in case you missed it!

The breakout star of Love and Hip Hop New York is the extremely entertaining and animated Cardi B.  The former stripper turned rapper and entrepreneur has a fan base on instagram over 2 million people strong and she’s not slowing down anytime soon!  She is set to release her first mixtape ever, entitled Gangsta B*tch and she is releasing eyeshadow from her new make-up line called ‘Wash Poppin.’  Her contagious laugh and catchy phrases are quickly making her a household name.  I had the pleasure of sitting down with Cardi and finding out a little more about her personal life.

On this season of Love and Hip Hop, Cardi is in some type of sexual relationship with DJ Self, but her heart is with her boyfriend, who is currently serving time in prison.  Cardi opened up about what made her fall in love with her boyfriend and her current relationship with Self.  We also spoke about her upcoming mixtape and she explained the intricate science of making sure your weave is tight!

Cardi B and Cherise Nicole

What did your man think when he watched you on Love and Hip Hop?

“He just saw the show.  You know he was in jail, but now he’s in a prison.  And certain things, like I been told him about Self, like we already discussed that. And it’s like, ‘Oh, you cheateds talking to you, what you want me to do about it?'”

What made you fall in love with him?

“Because he’s just so regular.  Like, he’s like me.  He don’t really take things from nobody, I don’t really take things from nobody.  I got a mouth and I need somebody that can back me up, cause I just have a mouth or something.”

“Some things turn me off. I guess it’s because he’s in jail? At first he was like real cocky and real confident.  But, now it’s like you’re being insecure and I don’t like that.  I like a challenge.  He’s such a challenge.  I know a lot of girls been with him.  And ‘Oh my God, I’m the chosen one.’ It makes me feel like I’m the chosen one. “

What celebrity does your boyfriend look like?

“A lot of people say he look like Lil Scrappy and Kevin Gates.  I guess cause he has tats on his face and a round face.  I don’t know? Everybody says he looks like them, but I don’t see it!”

Obviously you would think that Cardi’s boyfriend has good taste in women, since he is with such a beautiful and fun loving person.  But, when I suggested the same thing, she strongly disagreed!

So, your boyfriend has good taste…

“I don’t know?  His baby mama is ugly as hell, so I wouldn’t say that.  And his ex-girlfriend is wack, so I wouldn’t really say that he got good taste.  I know like six girls he slept with and they all trash.  So, I don’t know? I think I’m everybody’s taste though, like, who don’t want to have sex with me?”

What’s going on with you and DJ Self?

“We do not talk. No relation at all.  He be trying to flirt and it’s like, ‘Stay in your lane.’  We work a lot together.  We have the same manager.  For some reason when I wasn’t like hosting, we worked together in the same strip clubs.  Cause he’s a DJ in strip clubs, so I would see him there. Now it’s like, we host big venues with thousands of people and it be me and him.  I don’t know, it’s certain things that I don’t like, like sometimes he underestimate me a little bit.  But, it’s always gonna be that way, why would you not underestimate somebody that you seen on the stripper pole? It hurts your feelings sometime.  It really hurts your feelings and it puts you down, but it’s a good feeling when they see it and you be like, Yeah!”

 Love and Hip Hop airs Monday nights at 9pm on VH1!

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